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You Can Stay Inside The Original 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre' House

You Can Stay Inside The Original 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre' House

Fancy watching the slasher classic in the actual filming location?

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

The image of Leatherface - the terrifying killer at the heart of 1974 gore-fest The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - running from a white picket-fenced house, wielding his chainsaw, is one of horror's all-time most infamous shots.

Is it the stitched mask topped with wild hair? The whirring chainsaw? Or the eerie contrast provided by the all-American, picture-perfect house behind?

Either way, fans of the 1974 American slasher film directed by Tobe Hooper are in for a treat, because it's now possible to watch the horror classic inside the original Texas Chainsaw house.

The screenings, which take place on Sunday 29th March and Monday 30th March, form part of a series hosted by actor Kenny Caperton's venture On Set Cinema, which screens cult film favourites and horror classics at their actual filming locations.

Built in the early 1900s, the house originally stood in Williamson County - now Round Rock - Texas. (

Built in the early 1900s, the house originally stood in Williamson County - now Round Rock - Texas, and was home to a number of families before being used as a filming location for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

In the 1990s, the house was dismantled and moved to Kingsland. Since 2012, the Queen Anne style cottage has been home to the Grand Central Café, where the Texas Chain Saw-a-thon will take place.

On Set Cinema describe how the movie will be screened "inside the room where the infamous dining room scene took place."

The image of Leatherface running from the Victorian house has become one of horror's most iconic shots (
Bryanston Distributing Company)

There will be options to "watch the original on repeat, or the entire series from start to finish... or just skip everything and watch The Next Generation over and over again.

"Fans will be able to hang out and sleep wherever they want inside the house... in the hallway where we first see Leatherface emerge from the doorway and smash Kirk in the head with the sledgehammer, or in the room that was filled with bones and chicken feathers discovered by Pam just before she gets snatched up and hung on the hook, or even upstairs where Sally finds Grandpa in the rocking chair.

"There will also be games (horror games, board games, video games, etc) and of course a BBQ dinner with headcheese on the side! So fill up your chainsaws and get ready to join the family!"

Leatherface's lifestyle will cost you, though. Tickets for the experience cost a whopping $350 to $400 a pop. Spaces are limited too, with just 26 spaces available.

That price includes themed games, a movie marathon, BBQ dinner (non-cannibalistic, we hope) plus drinks, film snacks and a goodie bag, as well as overnight accommodation in the house.

Guests can watch the slasher classic inside the room where the infamous dining room scene (
Bryanston Distributing Company)

The buzz of living like horror's leading chainsaw wielder? Priceless.

Featured Image Credit: Vortex / Bryanston Distributing Company

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