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Here's How To Make The Squid Game Honeycomb Cookie

Here's How To Make The Squid Game Honeycomb Cookie

The Korean show is becoming the most-watched series on the streaming platform and has left a mark on viewers since it’s release...

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

It's the runaway Netflix smash hit series that has taken over social media - but now Squid Game is influencing our eating habits... sort of.

The Korean show, which is becoming the most-watched series on the streaming platform, has left such a mark on viewers since it's release earlier this month that they've taken to TikTok to recreate some of the drama's challenges IRL.

And now many have turned their attention to trying their hand at baking the famous Dalgona cookies - minus the dark ending of course.

The mouth-watering cookies appear in the second round of the Squid Game players' challenges and are based on a popular caramelised sugar candy famous in South Korea.

However, the treat is not so sweet in the thriller, as the players must separate a shape such as a circle, star or even an umbrella from the very fragile snack.

And if the player can't break the shape itself, well, we know how the story goes... they won't make it to the next round alive.

Aside from the grisly way the sweet treat is used in the show, it has been gaining popularity over on TikTok with viewers trying their best to recreate it - and the best part is it only involves two ingredients.

The cookie features in a challenge the players have to undertake in one episode (

If you're interested to learn how to bake them, just follow these five simple steps.

First heat a few tablespoons of sugar over high heat, stirring consistently to avoid burning and wait until it melts and caramelises.

Once it caramelises, add a pinch of baking soda to the mixture and mix it in quickly.

At this point, the mixture should be wet and gooey as you pour it onto a sheet of baking paper.

Once on the sheet, flatten the mixture and use a mould to create your required shape.

Now simply let the mixture cool until it's hard, and then they're ready to eat

We told you it was simple - even more so when there's no pressure of your life hanging in balance.

Squid Game is available to view on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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