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Here's Everything We Know About Toy Story 4 So Far

Here's Everything We Know About Toy Story 4 So Far

From plot to release date for the fourth and final film in the Disney franchise, here's everything we know so far.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

The bittersweet fourth and final Toy Story moviemovie is fast approaching its summer 2019 release.

Fans of the talking toy Disney Pixar flick which follows Woody, Buzz and the rest of gang have been promised a 'terrifically emotional' tale by the voices behind the iconic characters.

As trailers continue to drop for Toy Story 4 from Disney, here's everything you need to know about the highly anticipated film.

What's the storyline?

Disney hasn't yet fully divulged what the fourth film will centre around, and the two official trailers haven't given much away either.

The first 1995 movie introduced us to Woody and Buzz Lightyear and their developing friendship in owner Andy's toy box. Disney's second 1999 film in the franchise saw Woody stolen from Andy by a toy collector, with his friends vowing to rescue him. The third cinema instalment was released in 2010 and saw the toys dealing with rejection as Andy headed off to university leaving them behind.

Speculation has arisen that Bo Peep, who disappeared into thin air in the third movie, will be returning as a major character in the fourth. It's thought that a romance may be budding between Bo and Woody as the toy cowboy tries to track her down.

Disney Pixar

When will it be released?

The movie was scheduled to be released on 16th June 2017, although that clearly hasn't happened.

Instead, the film was pushed back and is scheduled to hit the big screen on 21st June 2019 in both the UK and the US.

There has been two trailers released so far, and more are expected from Disney Pixar in the meantime.

Who will Toy Story 4 star?

Original cast members are returning to voice some of our favourite Disney characters, as well as a handful of Toy Story newcomers.

Tom Hanks is returning as the voice of Woody, and has said that he couldn't face the crew while filming the final scenes of the Disney Pixar movie. Tim Allen, who voices Buzz Lightyear, admitted he struggled to get through the finale too. Joan Cusack will return as Jessie.

Annie Potts will make a comeback as Bo Peep and new star Patricia Arquette will reportedly be joining in on the action as a "hippie mother".

A new toy called Forky (Tony Hale) is also apparently joining the gang and could be seen in the first trailer.

Who's the director of the movie?

Toy Story 4 will be directed by Josh Cooley and will be executive-produced by John Lasseter, director of Toy Story (1995) and Toy Story 2 (1999).

The next movie has a number of writers creating the scripts for the toys.

Featured Image Credit: Disney Pixar

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