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'Harry Potter' Fans Can Enter The Slytherin Common Room For The First Time This Year

'Harry Potter' Fans Can Enter The Slytherin Common Room For The First Time This Year

2020 is *all* about Slytherin.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Harry Potter fans, form an orderly queue! From 3rd April, you'll be able to explore the Slytherin common room for the first time ever, Warner Bros has confirmed.

Warner Bros Studio Tour in London has today announced a 25-foot-high common room will be on display to the public as part of its new feature, 'A Celebration of Slytherin'.

Fans can now visit the Slytherin common room for the first time ever (
Warner Bros)

Fans will be able to visit the new space in a matter of weeks, and it'll be furnished with magical props and iconic costumes. As every fan knows, Slytherin was home to some of the greatest wizards of all time and now, visitors will be able to see the common room up close.

Guests will enter through the Great Hall - which will also be decked out in Slytherin-themed decor - where they'll be met with hand-designed wall tapestries and Slytherin house banners draped from the ceiling.

You'll be able to visit from 3rd April (
Warner Bros)

The room will also be decorated with original costumes from the Malfoy family, showing how their outfits changed and evolved along with their rise and fall from power.

Voldemort's original costumes will also be on display, showing his evolution from orphan Tom Riddle, to Hogwarts student and finally, the one-who-must-not-be-named.

Production designer Stuart Craig wanted to create a completely different atmosphere to that of Gryffindor, so used Slytherin colours of green and silver as well as creating the set to look like a dungeon carved from solid rock.

Original Malfoy costumes will also be on display (
Warner Bros)

In the books, written by J.K. Rowling, Slytherin was founded by Salazar Slytherin and has many links to dark magic.

Fans can explore the Slytherin common room between 3rd April and 6th September this year.

Adult tickets for the Studio Tour start at £47 and you can book them in advance here.

In other very important Harry Potter news, you can now get Potter-themed wallpaper for your home.

Available at B&M, the Daily Prophet-themed wallpaper will only set you back £11.99 per roll - and Potter fans have been going wild for it.

The wallpaper is available in select B&M stores right now, so be sure to contact your local to find out if it's being stocked.

What a great day for Harry Potter fans!

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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