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This Harry Potter Fan Theory About Argus Filch Is Blowing People's Minds

This Harry Potter Fan Theory About Argus Filch Is Blowing People's Minds

We’ve heard it all now.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Our Harry Potter obsession has seen us certified lifelong Potterheads.

But while there's very little we don't know about Potter and pals, we are still left surprised by some of the hints and secrets suggested in franchise more than 14 years after the final book was published.

And one new theory that is currently doing the rounds centres around cantankerous care-taker Argus Filch.

Filch and Mrs Norris aren't popular at Hogwarts (
Warner Bros)

Loathed by Hogwarts students, Filch the squib (defined as someone born from a magic family but with no magical powers of their own) loves to inflict punishment on rule-breakers, with his yowling cat Mrs Norris often serving as his accomplice in catching wrong-doers.

But now, one Harry Potter fan has devised a killer theory which explains just why Filch is the way he is - and he could very well possibly be a Poltergeist.

According to YouTuber Jonathan Carlin, who is one half of content creators The Super Carlin Brothers, Filch has to be a supernatural being in order for him to behave the way he does.

"Filch has to do manual labour all day, and then stay up all night to make sure the students aren't out of bed," Jonathan explains. "When does he sleep?

Filch is always aware of trouble in the castle (
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"The answer is, he doesn't have to - because he's a Poltergeist."

Jonathan cites that Poltergeists are different to ghosts, which frequently pop up in the Harry Potter universe. While a ghost is the imprint of a dead wizard left upon the world, a poltergeist is a physical manifestation of a sentiment.

He then turns to Peeves the Poltergeist, who famously runs riot in the Hogwarts castle throughout the Harry Potter book series (but was missing in the films).

Referring to a quote on Pottermore that Peeves is the manifestation of mischief amongst adolescent students, Johnathan then claims: "If Peeves is the manifestation of all the rule breaking, then Filch is the manifestation of rule enforcing."

Jonathan adds that Filch's ability to communicate so well with Mrs Norris the cat, as well as their likeness in their behaviour, can be explained as they are simply two parts of the same manifestation.

Not quite convinced yet? Well, Jonathan has more up his sleeve to convince you.

Filch regularly catches Harry and Ron breaking the rules (
Warner Bros)

"Argus in Greek mythology is the many eyed giant who sees all and never sleeps. He is killed by Hermes - known as the divine trickster," he continues, showing a similarity between Peeves and Filch's feud.

Those who are unmoved by Jonathan's argument have pointed towards the fact that Hogwarts has employed more than one caretaker, and the fact that Filch cannot do any magic (as he's a squib).

Jonathan argues that while it's hard to expel a Poltergeist, it's not impossible. "The caretaker is likely to be generated by the Percy Weasley's of the world, people who really care about enforcing the rules.

"Their numbers are smaller though and perhaps over time, the caretakers do get expelled from the school or fade out until they inevitably regenerate in some new form."

He continues: "Peeves himself can't really do magic either. The reason Filch can't do magic is the specific way in which he has manifested that prevents him from doing magic. Magic in its own way does break all of the rules, as it allows wizards to do things others cant.

But we're uncertain whether Filch is a poltergeist (
Warner Bros)

"Therefore Filch can't do magic - as it's part of his manifestation of rule enforcement."

There are still a few plot holes of course - it doesn't explain why Filch signs up for a KwikSpell course in the second book, and it also begs the question why Filch wasn't frozen when Mrs Norris was Petrified by the Basilisk in The Chamber of Secrets.

But the more we think about it, the more we can see it.

We're not the only ones who have had their mind blown by this revelation, with many flocking to the comments to express their shock.

"This might literally my favourite theory ever," wrote one viewer. "It's a perfect theory: logical and helps explain plot holes, plus it's just interesting. I'm so convinced."

"Oh my God this actually makes sense. Filch is the 'Antipeeves!'" said a second.

Every day is a (Hogwarts) school day.

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