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Draco Malfoy Is Only In 31 Minutes Of 'Harry Potter' And It's Blowing Fans' Minds

Draco Malfoy Is Only In 31 Minutes Of 'Harry Potter' And It's Blowing Fans' Minds

Sorry, what?!

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Harry Potter buffs - this one might shock you. Did you know that Draco Malfoy is only in the all eight films for 31 minutes in total?!

Yep, a look at the IMDB page for all of the Hazza P films confirms the shocking news that Tom Felton's character only gets half an hour of screen time in all 19 hours and 40 minutes of the franchise.

Well, half an hour and one measly minute, if we're being precise.

Draco was ROBBED (
Warner Bros)

While it might seem like Draco is popping up at every corner to taunt and annoy Harry, Ron and Hermione, all those moments actually only accumulate to a few minutes per film.

Draco appears for the longest in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (we see eight minutes of him in the whole film), meanwhile he crops up the least in Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix, where he's only on screen for one minute and 15 seconds.

Honestly, we're as shook as you.

Taking to social media after a Potterhead pointed out the screen time stats, one Draco fan wrote: "Tom Felton also had to dye his hair for 10 years, to only end up with 30 minutes of screen time. He and Draco deserved better."

While another penned: "But I feel like he was such a BIG part???".

A third die hard fan replied: "Are you telling that 14 years old me celebrated the birthday of a character that had 31 minutes on screen?" LOL.

While Draco's screen-time might seem a little short, it's actually pretty average compared to other Harry Potter favourites.

Voldemort was in all of the films for a total of 37 minutes and 15 seconds, while Hagrid appeared for 45 minutes and 45 seconds overall.

As for Professor McGonnagall? Well, she got 28 minutes and 45 seconds of screen-time, while Neville Longbottom was on screen for just 28 minutes and 15 seconds.

Even Harry, Ron and Hermione don't feature for as long as we thought they would.

Harry appears for just shy of nine hours in total - which is just less than half of all the films - while Ron appeared for just over three and a half hours, and Hermione for just under the same amount of time.

Harry Potter only appears on screen for just short of nine hours (
Warner Bros/Harry Potter)

As one Twitter user explains: "To those who are confused: this is how editing works. Average shot length in a modern movie is only about 4 seconds!

"The phrase "screentime" is used super literally here. The stats would all be *much* higher if we counted the full runtime of each scene a character is included in".

So, basically, the character might have been 'in the room', but if the camera wasn't directly on them, it doesn't count. Got it?

We still think Draco deserved at least double what he got. To hell with it, someone give him a spin-off already!

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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