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Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard Suffers Awkward 'Nipple' Freudian Slip While Talking About Susanna Reid's Dress

Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard Suffers Awkward 'Nipple' Freudian Slip While Talking About Susanna Reid's Dress

Oh Ben!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

It was a mega awkward moment for Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard today, when he suffered a 'Freudian slip' while talking about Susanna Reid's dress.

The duo were discussing the item of clothing when Ben accidentally said the word 'nipple' instead of 'nostrils' live on air.

You can watch the hilarious moment below:

The awkward blunder came after Ben explained that as Susanna was wearing a green dress, the print on the garment could be replaced with anything at all.

It's due to a production technique known as chroma key, in which a specific colour - usually blue or green - can be removed from a clip and replaced with something else. In this case, it was Ben's face!

"The trouble is, when you work in television, things can be projected onto green," Susanna explained, before all of a sudden, her green dress was replaced with images of Ben.

"Ah fully clad in Ben Shephard," she continued.

Ben added: "It's called chroma key. Susanna is wrapped in the warmth of a Ben blanket."

Susanna's dress was replaced with Ben's face (

But just seconds later, and Ben seemed to have 'Freudian slip' - in which someone makes either a verbal or memory mistake, often regarded as revealing subconscious feelings.

"My nipples," Ben began, before the team burst into laughter and the presenter was left very red faced.

Turns out Ben had intended to say "my nostrils" but somehow, the word 'nipples' came out instead!

"Did your inner thoughts come out on national television to millions Ben Shephard?!" Asked Susanna, before Dr Hilary chimed in: "I think it's called a Freudian slip" adding, "Can't help you Ben."

Oh dear!

Ben was mortified at the blunder (

And viewers found the whole thing hilarious, with one tweeting: "@benshephard you owe me a coffee, that gaff made me spray mine all over my floor."

While another added: "Hahaha ben shepherd is hilarious #gmb love a good freudian slip."

Oh Ben, it's not your day is it!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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