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Friends Reunion: Watch The Painful Moment Matt Le Blanc Dislocates His Shoulder

Friends Reunion: Watch The Painful Moment Matt Le Blanc Dislocates His Shoulder

Friends star Matt Le Blanc took a bit of a tumble when filming one iconic scene from the sitcom.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Friends reunion had us in tears pretty much the whole of yesterday, as the show aired on HBO and Sky.

And while most of the time those tears were down to the sweet, sweet nostalgia of seeing Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston reunite on screen, there was one moment when they were likely caused by something a lot more... errr.. gruesome.

Watch a clip below:

Yep, in one of the many bloopers we saw from the iconic sitcom's ten seasons of filming, viewers were treated to some rather painful footage of Matt Le Blac dislocating his shoulder.

The Joey Tribbiani star obtained the injury whilst filming season three episode: The One Where No One's Ready.

Joey was running to get a seat on his favourite chair, jumping through the air in the process.

Matt had to walk away from the audience after being injured (
HBO Max)

But when Matt landed on the armchair he wailed out in pain, and when he stood up, you could see that his shoulder was out of place.

He then walks into a backroom, away from cameras, and can be heard screaming in pain.

His injuries meant that shooting the episode had to be drawn to a close, and writers even had to think of a clever way to introduce the cast he'd been left with into the script.

As they watched the footage back, the cast literally squirmed during the Friends Reunion.

And viewers at home felt the same.

One tweeted: "The Friends reunion REALLY had to show Matt LeBlanc dislocating his shoulder".

The Friends cast witnessing Matt's injury (
Friends Reunion/ HBO)

While another penned: "I honestly could've gone my whole life without seeing Matt Leblanc dislocate his shoulder but HBO decided this had to be seen to get the full Friends experience."

"Having dislocated both my shoulders, I found the bit in the #FriendsReunion where @Matt_LeBlanc dislocates his shoulder *genuinely* unwatchable," someone else wrote. "The fact I once dislocated it during a rehearsal for a play (which I had to act in the next night!) makes this PAINFULLY relatable."

What made the video even more of a standout moment was the commentary that went alongside it.

Matt's injury was caught on camera (
HBO Max)

Matt explained that before they filmed the cast would always huddle together, but the one day that he dislocated his shoulder they decided to skip their ritual.

"There was one thing that we did every show that we didn't do that night before we started. We didn't do it that night," Matt said.

Courteney Cox, who played Monica Gellar, replied: "The huddle?"

To which Matt replied: "That's the one time we didn't do it."


Featured Image Credit: HBO Max

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