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Friends Are Just Discovering The Correct Spelling Of Rachel's Surname

Friends Are Just Discovering The Correct Spelling Of Rachel's Surname

So, is it Green or Greene...

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

With Friends fans still reeling from the emotional rollercoaster that was the HBO Reunion, it seems viewers of the beloved '90s sitcom are still debating the actual way to spell Rachel's surname.

Lots happens during the show's 10 seasons and 236 episodes, but one mystery which has eluded fans for many years is the spelling of Rachel's surname Greene (or Green) - and more than 20 years after it debuted, people are still struggling to get to the bottom of it.

Rachel Greene is spelt with the extra 'e' in the wedding invite (

In the show's credits, Green is spelt without the 'e' at the end, as seen when her dad Dr. Leonard Green (played by Ron Leibman) makes a guest appearance. Her name is also spelt like this on IMDb.

However in "The One with the Invitation" when Rachel receives a wedding invite from Ross and Emily, her name is written Rachel Greene. However, this episode appears to be the only one in which her name is spelt this way. With this spelling appearing within the show's universe, we're inclined to believe this could be the actual spelling.

The spelling of Rachel's name is a hot topic on Reddit, with fans commenting on the episode where Rachel received the wedding invitation versus the spelling of Green in the credits. One fan suggested: "Or Ross is an idiot who spelled it wrong."

Fans are hoping that the reunion will offer some answers (

A second commenter shared: "What if everyone's name was slightly misspelled on their invitation, and THAT'S what they were referring to when they said it looked like Ben addressed them, not the handwriting!"

In a different thread about the same topic, one Reddit user wrote: "This is literally the first time I've seen someone spell it 'Green'."

And in a third thread, a fan said: "Than you for pointing this out, it's always kind of bugged me when I've seen everyone spelling it 'Green' and I've wanted to tell them that they might need to add an 'e'.

"'Might' being a key word there. I think it's spelled 'Green' in other episodes. But not in as formal writing as her office plaque."

Let's hope that the reunion gives more answers than questions!

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