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Friends Fans Spot Hidden Tribute To Marcel The Monkey

Friends Fans Spot Hidden Tribute To Marcel The Monkey

How did I not clock this the first time round?

Charlotte Forrester

Charlotte Forrester

Friends loved to have little Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the seasons - and fans have spotted yet another wink from the show.

And this is a good one, giving a nod to our favourite furry friend - Marcel the Monkey.

In case you need your memory jogging, Marcel was Ross's monkey mate in the first season of the sitcom who would get up to all sorts of mischief.

Marcel could always be found on Ross's shoulder (

But fans have spotted a sneaky tribute to him in an episode. In 'The One After The Superbowl, Part 2', the restaurant featured has dinner menus reading "Marcel's", therefore telling the audience that the restaurant is called "Marcel's". Nice little nod to the animal actor!

In the episode, we see Marcel for the final time in the show as Ross searches for him and finds him working on a film set. Later on, Ross, Joey, Cathy (Cathy is a director's assistant of the movie Outbreak 2: The Virus Takes Manhattan who Joey dates in the hopes of getting a role in the movie), Chandler and Susie Moss (a girl from school that Chandler would tease and who now does hair and make-up for films) go to dinner at Marcel's.

One Reddit commenter said: "I'm almost positive it was intentional".

Another Friends fan joked: "Wait what, Marcel owns the restaurant?"

The dinner menus in the episode read
The dinner menus in the episode read

It's understandable if you didn't clock the restaurant's name, especially considering it was a particularly iconic episode with an even more iconic actress making an appearance.

Firstly, Susie Moss is played by the one and only Julia Roberts, a reminder of how Friends always scored the most legendary cameos.

The episode sees Susie and Chandler reunited, discussing how Chandler once lifted up her skirt in class that led to the childhood nickname "Susie Underpants" until she was 18.

Fans largely regard this one as a corker of an episode (

All is seemingly forgiven though as the two flirt, and they agree to go out. Susie convinces Chandler to swap underwear with him before going to Marcel's and then lures him to the bathroom. There, she has him strip down and abandons him, taking all his clothes as a final act of revenge for the childhood teasing.

Fans will most likely remember Chandler then walking out of the restaurant with the cubicle door as the only thing protecting his dignity.

One of the Reddit users commented: "I felt so bad for Chandler in this episode".

Despite the awful turn of events on the show though, the two actors actually dated in real life after Julia made her cameo appearance.

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