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Forky From 'Toy Story 4' Is Getting His Own Disney TV Show

Forky From 'Toy Story 4' Is Getting His Own Disney TV Show

The spork will be asking life's most pressing questions, with help from the much-loved 'Toy Story' characters.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Those who've seen Toy Story 4 will remember franchise's new characters the lovable, inquisitive spork, named Forky.

Well now, the film's underdog is getting his own TV show on Disney+.

Forky Asks A Question will be hitting the filmmaking giant's shiny new streaming service when it launches in the US and Canada on 12th November.

The series will be comprised of 10 "short films" in which Forky asks life's most important questions.

A trailer released by Disney yesterday (30th October) gave a taste of the kind of questions the animated spork will be pondering with the help of his friends, the much-loved Toy Story characters such as Rex and Hamm.

"What is a friend?", "What is art?", and "What is time?" Are the kind of questions set to entertain nd educate young viewers. Oh, there's "What is cheese?" too.

In the fourth and final instalment of the franchise, released in June 2019, Forky comes to life after the toys' new owner, Bonnie, makes him from arts and crafts supplies at playschool.

The spork/toy hybrid becomes the little girl's favourite toy but experiences an existential crisis, considering himself to be rubbish rather than a toy, and it's Woody's job to save him from throwing himself away.

Forky has an existential crisis in the film. (

Forky has to learn life from the very beginning, so the spin-off TV show makes perfect sense for his character. "All of life's greatest questions-answered. Sort of," reads the line from Disney.

It's not yet known when UK Disney lovers will be able to watch the original shorts, with no word as of yet when Disney+ will be landing in the UK.

The new service, pegged as a rival to the likes of Netflix, Hayu and SkyGo, launched as a trial exclusively in the Netherlands on 12th September 2019.

Disney+ will later launch in the United States and Canada on 12th November, and just after in Australia and New Zealand on 19th November.

Forky has to learn the way of life with help from his friends. (

Actor Tony Hale of Arrested Development who voices Forky told Variety of his character: "I will say, I've become quite an advocate for sporks.

"They are a very underrated utensil. It's like the unicorn of utensils, they need a lot more attention. It has a really great purpose.

"It's great for a nice thick minestrone soup. It's just not getting the attention it deserves. It's the best of both worlds."

We can't wait for this.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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