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​First Trailer for Australian Horror ‘The Haunting’ Is Here

​First Trailer for Australian Horror ‘The Haunting’ Is Here

And it looks terrifying...

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

The first trailer for upcoming horror film The Haunting has arrived and it's completely terrifying.

The Australian film will be available to buy from Monday on DVD and follows the story of a doctor fighting for her son.

In the new trailer, we see Amy and her partner fighting beside a lake over the doctor's work.

"Amy, how long's it been going like this?" her partner argues.

"It's my job," Amy replies.

"David and I need you. You're missing the best years of his life."

The horror then follows surgeon Amy, who is struggling to cope after her son almost drowns and is left in a coma, while she continues working in the same hospital.

Surgeon Amy struggles with her work and family life in this new horror film (
4Digital Media)

After Amy's boss reprimands her for believing her son will wake up, she wakes up in a scary new world, a place where she hopes she'll see David.

Amy finds herself in an abandoned school and must find a way to survive, find her son and face her own demons.

Doctor Amy tries to find her son in this new film (
4Digital Media)

"Play by the rules... or die playing," the chilling poster teases, while the synopsis promises a thrilling watch.

"Amy becomes trapped in a coma/purgatory of her own - The School - where children from her past emerge to taunt and test her to the core," the synopsis says.

Children from Amy's past haunt her when she finds herself in an abandoned school (
4Digital Media)

"Can Amy survive the lessons of The School and save those children, her son, and herself? Will she learn to play by the rules, or die playing?"

In other horror news, A Quiet Place has now landed on Netflix.

The haunting film follows the Abbott family, including mum Evelyn (Emily Blunt), dad Lee (John Krasinski) and children Regan (Millicent Simmonds), Marcus (Noah Jupe) and Beau (Cade Woodward), as they navigate a new world of monsters who prey on anyone who makes a sound.

The film's sequel, A Quiet Place 2, was due out in cinemas this month, but has now been postponed because of coronavirus.

Featured Image Credit: 4Digital Media

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