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‘First Dates’ Contestant Gobsmacked As Woman Pulls Out 'Oyster-Shaped' Cast Of Her Vagina

Joanna Freedman

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‘First Dates’ Contestant Gobsmacked As Woman Pulls Out 'Oyster-Shaped' Cast Of Her Vagina

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

Dating etiquette can be difficult. There are lots of things to consider: Do you offer to split the bill? Do you stop at three glasses of wine? And do you show him that mini cast you made of your vagina?


During last night's First Dates on Channel 4, 23-year-old artist Shannon decided 'yes' to the latter, and reached into her handbag to pull out a creation that she had made at home.

On first inspection, the creation looked like a little 'oyster,' but as her date, Zander, 28, inspected it, soon it became clear that there was more to the design.

Laughing, Shannon explained: "Some people say they're, like, they're quite sexual...

"So, this is a piece I did about female sexuality. I did like 12 oysters cast off my body - because I do body casting.

"I made these oysters, I put them on ice and I had people, an exhibition, looking at them like 'ahh beautiful, oh my God look at them, look at them', and then it suddenly clocked that they were vaginas."

Shannon explained the x-rated creation (Credit: Channel 4)
Shannon explained the x-rated creation (Credit: Channel 4)

Clearly a little taken aback by the revelation, Zander seemed lost for words, just about managing: "Oh, wow. That is a... thing..."

And when she asked his "honest opinion" on the piece of art, he joked: "Bit weird. I didn't realise I'd see this much of you on a first date".

It turns out Shannon isn't only interested in moulding her own body parts, as she also revealed on the date that she'd tried to convince her ex boyfriend to let her mould his....member...to look like a banana.

"I wanted to cast it and he was like 'no, I'm not doing that'."

Zander didn't look put off by the revelation (Credit: Channel 4)
Zander didn't look put off by the revelation (Credit: Channel 4)

Unsurprisingly, all Zander could muster was: "Wow."

But maybe he'll come round to the idea himself, because at the end of the date he even shared a cheeky kiss with Shannon, and it certainly looked like her bubbly personality (and x-rated oyster) had won him over.

Plus, at the end of the show, it was revealed that the pair had even been on a second date since the show, and now Shannon is designing an album cover for musician Zander's band.

We should have expected that love would be in the air - you know what they say about oysters...

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Joanna Freedman
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