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Fans Fall In Love With S Club's Paul Cattermole On 'First Dates Hotel' As He Tears Up Over Singledom

Fans Fall In Love With S Club's Paul Cattermole On 'First Dates Hotel' As He Tears Up Over Singledom

'First Dates Hotel' might not have worked for you Paul, but the ladies back home can't get enough...

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Don't worry Paul Cattermole, you may not have found love on First Dates Hotel, but everyone back home loves you.

Paul, now 42, who you may remember from S Club 7 days in the nineties and noughties, shocked viewers on Thursday when he appeared on the first episode on the non-celebrity version of First Dates Hotel, where maître-d Fred Sirieix plays matchmaker.

Paul said: "I don't tend to bring up on a date that I have been in a pop group.

"It's not the thing I want to shout about."

He went on to explain that being in S Club 7 hugely impacted his life, not always for the better and admitted that even his relationship with Hannah Spearritt wasn't organic.

He added: "I did leave before the end, I was feeling like I was losing myself and I wasn't very happy at all."



Breaking our hearts further he said: "I had the balls to say, 'guys I've got to go,' but not one of them said stay."

The date appeared to be going well, with Anna understanding Paul's struggles as she was also from a performing background and had chosen her career over relationships in the past.

Paul left the show in tears however, with Anna ending up rejecting him, feeling the impact of his lack of confidence.

She said: "'I had a really lovely time. But I do think it would be good if you were more confident, I think you're a lovely person and the industry has beaten you around a bit."

Making for emotional viewing, he admitted afterwards: "This lack of confidence thing I've been told a lot."

Paul gets emotional in his interview.

"I've made so many wrong choices.n I feel like I hide the real me."

But Paul don't fret, we think you should check your DMs, because the Twittersphere is confessing its love for you.

One user said: "Paul Cattermole is an absolute gentleman".

Another added: "Oh my god Paul from #sclubseven is so lovely. I hope he finds happiness very soon".

A third said: "I hope Paul Cattermole finds love".

Lastly another Twitter user said she'd love to date him: "I'd totally go on a date with Paul Cattermole."

You can catch up on First Dates Hotels past episodes on Channel 4 here.

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