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The Final Season Of ‘13 Reasons Why’ Drops On Netflix Today

The Final Season Of ‘13 Reasons Why’ Drops On Netflix Today

Everything has led to this.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

PSA: the fourth and final season of 13 Reasons Why drops on Netflix today, bringing the Liberty High Seniors back into our lives for a final farewell.

Made up of 10 hour-long episodes, the final season will follow the group of teens as they prepare to graduate.

Given that the show will bow out after its fourth run, there are a whole lot of plot threads to tie up. Basically, everything has led to this.

Central cast members Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), Jessica (Alisha Boe), Alex (Miles Heizer) and Tyler (Devin Druid) will be back on our screens - and are facing challenging decisions in the run up to graduation.

As Netflix says of the key characters: "they'll have to keep a dangerous secret buried and face heart-breaking choices that could impact their future forever." Yikes!

The dramatic finale of the third season, which dropped in August 2019, revealed the truth about Bryce Walker's (Justin Prentice) murder, and viewers will be expecting the final season to pick up where it left off.

The conflict at the heart of the fourth run is teased within the first few seconds of the official trailer. Walking into school, Clay (Dylan Minnette), Justin (Brandon Flynn) and their fellow students are faced with the words "Monty was framed" spray painted in huge red letters on a door.

The Liberty High Seniors will face agonising choices in the run up to graduation (

"Don't freak out," urges Justin.

Tensions inevitably rise as Clay and his peers fear that the secret behind Bryce Walker's death might come out, and wonder what the consequences will be if it does.

Clay is also shown having his mental health assessed by therapist Dr. Robert Ellman (played by Gary Sinise).

"I think you've been keeping secrets," he tells Clay. "Are you ready to let those secrets out?"

Based on the best-selling book of the same name by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why began by following high school student Clay Jenson (Dylan Minnette) as he tries to make sense of the suicide of his friend Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford).

The show's graphic depiction of suicide in the first season caused controversy, sparking a backlash from viewers.

The scene has since been edited out on the basis of "advice of medical experts", and episodes now also contain prompts to a resource website.

Through its exploration of themes like bullying, sexual assault, teen identity and murder, the show has won a loyal fanbase over the course of its three seasons - and those viewers will no doubt be binging the final season from today.

Clay is shown having his mental health assessed by therapist Dr. Robert Ellman (

Some fans even plan to cram in the entire season in one epic viewing sesh tonight, like the enthusiastic Twitter users below.

Happy bingeing, people!

13 Reasons Why season four is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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