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People Shocked To Realise Dudley Dursley Is In 'The Devil All The Time'

People Shocked To Realise Dudley Dursley Is In 'The Devil All The Time'

Netflix's new thriller The Devil All the Time has some pretty major draws, with Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson being two of them.

But now, eagle-eyed Harry Potter fans are losing their minds about the rather unexpected appearance of Harry Melling AKA Dudley Dursley in the gothic flick.

Yep, viewers who knew the actor as Harry Potter's spoiled cousin Dudley were left stunned by his appearance in Antonio Campos' dark southern tale of murder and war.


Ten years on from the hit Hogwarts-based franchise, the British actor is looking - you guessed it - older.

He's lost his maroon uniform and straw boater, and is now rocking swept back hair with a side parting.

But really, it's the sheer creepiness of the character that Harry plays in Devil All the Time that viewers can't get over.

The Harry Potter alumnus plays Roy Laferty, a thoroughly messed up preacher with more than a few screws loose. In one scene (spoiler alert!) he even drops a jar of spiders all over himself while delivering a sermon. Yikes!


"i can't stop thinking about how roy laferty in the devil all the time is dudley dursley in harry potter," wrote one viewer.


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A third joined in, writing: "Watching THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME, and the kid who played Dudley Dursley is sure leaving it all out on the field."

Another baffled commentator asked: "you're trying to tell me dudley from harry potter is in the devil all the time???? what even is this cast?"


While one fan tweeted: "Harry Potter and the radical religion of Dudley Dursley. #TheDevilAllTheTime."

Based on Donal Ray Pollock's novel of the same name, the Netflix thriller is set in rural southern Ohio and West Virginia and stretches from the aftermath of World War II through to the 1960s.

The action transports viewers to the backwoods of Knockemstiff, which are inhabited by strange characters who are struggling with the psychological damages of war.


R.Patz fans can see the Twilight star getting his creep on as Preston Teagardin, a not-so-holy preacher with a wondering eye.

And of course, elsewhere in the world of Harry-Potter-stars-playing-corrupt-preachers, we have spider-tipping Roy Laferty AKA Dudley - who, may we say, looks much better without his straw boater.

The Devil All the Time is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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