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Don't Look Up Costume Designer Reveals Secret Message On Timothée Chalamet's T-Shirt

Don't Look Up Costume Designer Reveals Secret Message On Timothée Chalamet's T-Shirt

It's not just the star-studded cast you need to keep an eye out for...

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

Don't Look Up has got audience's talking online - not just for its satirical plot, but for its star-studded line up and standout cameos from Ariana Grande, Tyler Perry and Cate Blanchett.

Yet it's Oscar-nominated actor Timothée Chalamet as an evangelical skater punk named Yule that truly steals the show - and now the film's costume designer has shared a fun Easter Egg about his costume.

The cheeky character is introduced 90 minutes into the film when he meets Jennifer Lawrence's Kate, who has returned to her childhood hometown in rural Michigan and is now working at a supermarket.

Costume designer Susan Matheson revealed how she got thrifty trying to convey Chalamet's religious character, who is ironically trying to steal alcohol from the very store Kate is working at.

To help portray his religious background, Susan said she found vintage patches and T-shirts from Christian camps for Timothée to wear, even if they weren't always visible under his layers.

Interestingly, one particular shirt features an Easter Egg, which Matheson made after director and writer Adam McKay expressed that he "wanted there to be these little symbols within the movie, signs of the impending doom."

The film's costume designer shared some fun Easter Eggs behind his character's costume (

Speaking to Vogue, she said: "My friend's brother designed the art for a fictional Christian rock band called Noah's Flood.

"You have to look in order to see the shirt, but the hand-painted design was this incredible image of Noah's ark riding away like a surfboard with an electric guitar sticking out."

The costume designer also revealed the inspiration behind the character's unkempt mullet in the Netflix movie was none other than Tiger King Joe Exotic.

Timothee's shirt is a nudge and a wink to the audience (

She added: "The first thing he said to me was 'I want a mullet,' and of course, he sent me pictures of Joe Exotic.

"At the time everyone was obsessed with Joe, but instead I found this guy from New Zealand who had this amazing mullet and the moment I showed it to Timotheé, he said: 'Bingo!'"

Don't Look Up is available to stream now on Netflix

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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