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A 'Doctor Foster' Spin-Off Is Coming And Suranne Jones And Jodie Comer Could Reunite

A 'Doctor Foster' Spin-Off Is Coming And Suranne Jones And Jodie Comer Could Reunite

We've been having withdrawal symptoms ever since the drama ended.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

We were gutted when Doctor Foster ended in 2017 - after all, Suranne Jones and Jodie Comer reading from the same script was always going to make for ah-mazing telly.

But now, we can confirm there is hope. Writer Mike Bartlett has confirmed new BBC One show, Life, is essentially a Doctor Foster spin off and we could see the two leading ladies reunite.

Despite revealing last year that a third season of Doctor Foster might not happen for another 60 years (we cried), Life will focus on Gemma Foster's (Suranne Jones) neighbour, Anna Baker (Victoria Hamilton). But she might not be the only one to return.

Actor Bertie Cavel (who played Gemma's husband, Simon) has said Gemma and Jodie are very busy - meaning it could be difficult for them to return. However, according to The Sun, Mike said the new drama "shares a universe" with Doctor Foster, so we are holding out hope.

Speaking about the new series and Anna's character, Mike said: "In the last series of Doctor Foster Anna split up with Neil and moved away. But I loved her as a character and suspected that was really the start of her story, rather than the end.

It will focus on Gemma's neighbour, Anna (

"In Life we find her living alone, under a different name, in a new city.

"It's one of four story strands that make up the series, the other three being new, completely different interconnected stories that explore the epic and extraordinary in our everyday lives."

In Doctor Foster, Anna and her husband Neil were struggling in their marriage.

After years of cheating, he pledged to be faithful to Anna - who we saw become close friends with Gemma, despite her having also had a fling with Neil.

We've got our fingers crossed Jodie Comer will return (

Suranne, 41 and Jodie, 26, certainly have a busy schedule at the moment.

While Season 3 of Killing Eve is set to air in summer this year, Suranne's new BBC crime-thriller, Vigil - which also stars Line of Duty's Martin Compston - is expected to hit our screens later in the year.

While Mike hasn't yet confirmed when new drama Life will air, fingers crossed these two can squeeze a Doctor Foster reunion into their schedules.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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