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Disney+ Launches New Feature So You Can Watch With Your Friends And Family

Disney+ Launches New Feature So You Can Watch With Your Friends And Family

This is exciting news!

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

With many of us away from our friends and family or only allowed to meet up at a distance under new tiered lockdown rules, a new feature on Disney+ might make that separation from our loved ones that tiny bit easier.

The streaming service has launched a solution that's ideal for families and friends not able to get together during lockdown - and it couldn't have come at a better time, tbh.

New 'Frozen' prequel 'Once Upon a Snowman' launches on Disney+ today (

The welcome new feature, called GroupWatch, means that we can now watch (or re-watch) some of our favourite Disney classics with our loved ones in real time, without having to leave our home (or break Covid-19 restrictions).

GroupWatch works by enabling up to seven people to watch programmes and films together, on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or even your TV, though all viewers must have a Disney+ subscription.

New Disney film 'Onward' is now available to watch on the streaming service (

Jerrell Jimerson, SVP for Product at Disney+, said: "Storytelling comes alive when you're able to share and enjoy it with others, and in this moment when many are still apart from their friends and family, GroupWatch offers a way to safely connect virtually by co-viewing your favourite Disney+ stories with your favourite people from the comfort of your living room."

Sounds good to us!

Watch films with your friends and family with the new feature on Disney+ (

Not only can family and friends watch their favourite programmes together, but a live reaction element to GroupWatch means that anyone watching can share emojis with each other through the Disney+ app. So it'll almost feel as if you're all in the same room together.

And with the option to invite up to six different households (not including your own, of course), it's a dream for all of us who love to stay in during these cosy few months ahead, but are missing socialising with others.

Plus, if one of you has to sneak out for ice cream or a second helping of popcorn, there's always the option to pause or rewind for all viewers. We can imagine the fun to be had there!

And, with the news that new Disney film Onward has recently dropped on the streaming service, plus Frozen prequel Once Upon a Snowman launching on Disney+ today, we're sure there's going to be a flurry of programmes and films the whole family will want to watch.

Featured Image Credit: Disney+

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