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'Destination Wedding' Just Dropped With Keanu Reeves And Winona Ryder And It's Cheesy AF

'Destination Wedding' Just Dropped With Keanu Reeves And Winona Ryder And It's Cheesy AF

Keanu in a rom-com? We're sold.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

If you love nothing more than a cheesy rom-com to snuggle up with, then look no further than Netflix's new offering: Destination Wedding, which lands on the streaming platform today.

The movie - first released in 2018 - stars Stranger Things favourite Winona Ryder and John Wick actor Keanu Reeves - two singles who (you guessed it) meet at a wedding in Paso Robles.

Their characters, Frank and Lindsay, are both unhappy about attending the nuptials. The groom is the ex fiancee Lindsay is still hung up on, and he's Frank's estranged half brother.

Frank and Lindsay meet at the airport en route to the wedding (

So it's no surprise that while they got off to a rocky start and bicker like mad, the two disgruntled guests soon begin to fall for each other over the 72 hour celebration as they're lumped together as outsiders.

Throughout the weekend, Frank and Lindsay stick as a pair, heading off on walks and avoiding various wedding activities they're obligated to attend.

In the process, they learn more about each other's pasts and previous relationships.

And while they're undoubtedly opposites in a lot of ways, their chemistry and connection is also undeniable.

Lindsay and Frank soon strike up a connection (

The movie was first released in August 2018, with many OG viewers excited to see Winona and Keanu starring together again following 1992's Dracula.

"I'm four minutes into "Destination Wedding" with Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder and I am in love," one person wrote after watching the flick.

While another added that the rom-com was "full of gold".

And a fourth agreed: "Destination Wedding with Keanu is my current fave! Two bitter people fall in love. I'm here for it." Us too.

The pair bond over how much they hate the wedding activities (

This isn't the only rom-com on the platform. Far from it.

If you've still got time for more binging after Keanu and Winona's hour and a half flick comes to an end, why not indulge yourself in another hopelessly cheesy classic.

Falling Inn Love also launched on Netflix a couple of months ago. But don't let the slightly iffy name put you off - it's a good'n.

The film centres around American city exec, Gabriela Diaz - played by singer Christina Milian - whose life turns upside down after she loses her job and her boyfriend.

On a whim, she then enters a competition to win an inn, and given the title of the film, it should be no surprise that she bags it.

Falling Inn Love is another cheesy classic (

However, when she gets there, she realises the property, named Bellbird Valley Farm, is in a bit of a state, and she hires Australian handyman Jake Taylor (played by Adam Demos) to help her out.

Naturally, the pair then fall (inn) love as they fix up the rustic property, and the film follows their sweet romance and the inevitable bumps along the road.

Grab some popcorn and we think we've just found you the perfect movie night flicks. Thank us later.

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