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Netflix Fans Can't Stop Talking About 'Wild' Deadly Illusions Ending

Netflix Fans Can't Stop Talking About 'Wild' Deadly Illusions Ending

Netflix's Deadly Illusions has sent everybody wild with its dramatic ending.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Netflix's Deadly Illusions is the latest racy thriller to hit the streamer, following in the footsteps of mind-bending 365 DNI.

Starring Sex and the City's Kristin Davis, Greer Grammer and Dermot Mulroney, the film is about a writer named Mary (Davis) who is working on another book after a career break, and has hired a nanny, Grace (Grammer), to help out with the her twins while she works.

While everything seems great with Grace at first, the reality of their time around the house soon begins to blur with fiction. Steamy scenes ensure between Grace, Kristen and Tom (Mulroney) - but did they really happen, or are they part of the narrative?

That's not even the most confusing part. Just wait until you hear about the ending...

The movie ends with Mary discovering her pal, Elaine (Shanola Hampton), had been stabbed to death.

Things start of rather steamy between Mary and Grace (

The police arrive at the crime scene and blame Mary at first, because there is video footage of a woman who looks just like her walking into Elaine's office.

Panicked and desperate to clear her name, Mary is determined to find out more about her nanny, visiting Grace's hometown and speaking to her aunt in the hope of finding answers.

Her aunt explains that her niece had a tough upbringing, and now has an alternate personality she adopts, which she calls Margaret.

There's a mystery surrounding Elaine's death (

Mary sees Grace trying to seduce Tom, and moving on to attempt to attack him, but a seemingly oblivious Grace later protests, saying she wouldn't ever harm Tom. She then realises that it must have been Margaret.

Queue a dramatic cat fight between the two women...

Bafflingly, the movie then flits one year into the future, where viewers can see that Mary and Tom are still together.

We then see that Grace is in a psych ward. But things then get a whole lot weirder.

Deadly Illusions raises questions over who Grace really is (

We then see a woman, assumed to be Mary, leaving the psychiatric hospital in the exact same clothes shown on the suspect who attacked Elaine.

The ending leaves viewers asking questions, such as, was it Mary who killed Elaine after all, or did Grace simply steal her clothes and escape the hospital?

Another theory is that Elaine was all a figment of Mary's imagination. Oh, and some fans pointed to the fact that Mary also left a book called 'Untitled' on Elaine's grave, suggesting that Elaine had been dead the whole movie, and the plot was just Mary trying to make sense of it all.

Our heads hurt...and viewers were rather bamboozled, too.

Is this Mary? And if so, is she Elaine's killer? (

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "If you want your mind messed with watch Deadly Illusions on Netflix.... like even though I know the ending now, I'm still confused as to what was real, and what wasn't".

"Honestly!! But can someone please explain #DeadlyIllusions, because I was confused throughout the movie and the ending didn't make it any better," a second wrote.

While a third concurred: "Let's not give away spoilers for #DeadlyIllusions but WHAT THE HECK was that ending!"

"#DeadlyIllusions on @netflix .... it's been 3 days and I still don't understand the ending," a fourth penned, as another agreed: "#DeadlyIllusions was wild... what on earth".

Still confused? Us too. Guess we'll have to wait until a possible sequel drops...

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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