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David Attenborough's Dynasties Had Viewers In Tears Last Night

Mark Cunliffe

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David Attenborough's Dynasties Had Viewers In Tears Last Night

Featured Image Credit: BBC One/Dynasties

David Attenborough's latest BBC documentary, Dynasties, had viewers in tears last night with the story of a chimpanzee bidding to secure his place as the alpha male in his group.

In one segment of the hour long programme, viewers followed David as he battled with rival, Luther, and was left wounded with some of his fingers bitten off and a chunk taken out of his leg.


As he lay wounded, and before he had chance to recover, his troop had already moved on leaving him behind, and viewers couldn't cope.

Viewers presumed that he had been left for dead until his toes started to twitch and he began to wake up.

Everyone was behind the beloved chimp as he trekked to find his family and friends and when he finally caught back up with the group had one final standoff with his rival, before reigning as leader of the group.

Credit: BBC One/Dynasties
Credit: BBC One/Dynasties

But the emotional story of David wasn't quite over yet as 92-year-old Attenborough went on to explain that David went on to father a son who would one day take over from his dad as the alpha.

Fans took to Twitter to share their feelings over the emotionally charged show. One user wrote: "Wow, what a roller coaster ride!

"It had me crying, shouting at the TV, cheering and hiding behind my hands. F my life! Can't wait to do it all again next week [sic]."

Another added: "I never thought I'd feel so passionately about wanting to see a chimp stand back up!"

Some users were also very emotional about David and praised Attenborough for his storytelling skills. One wrote: "Spent my Sunday evening crying over a chimp called David who battled back from the grave for the sake of his dynasty. Attenborough strikes again."

A second fan wrote: "Well, that got me all engrossed and emotionally invested and cheering and crying in a way I hadn't expected."

Credit: BBC One/Dynasties
Credit: BBC One/Dynasties

It also looks like viewers will be just as emotional next week as Attenborough teased the next episode.

Showing a shot of a baby penguin lost in a snow storm Attenborough said: "Next time a dynasty of thousands, a great march into the frozen waste of Antarctica to face the coldest and cruellest winter on Earth."

Each episode of Dynasties will focus on five endangered families of animals: lions, tigers, chimps, emperor penguins, and African painted wolves.

Credit: BBC One/Dynasties
Credit: BBC One/Dynasties

Filming for the series has taken over four years and viewers will see the groups of families play politics, fight battles, make alliances, launch takeovers, take on rivals and win or lose family feuds.

The series promises to show the most intimate and intense stories of the animal kingdom ever caught on camera before.

Episode Two of Dynasties will air on Sunday 18 November at 8pm on BBC One.

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Mark Cunliffe
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