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​People Are Saying ‘Cobra’ Is The Most Binge-Worthy Show To Air Since ‘Homeland’

​People Are Saying ‘Cobra’ Is The Most Binge-Worthy Show To Air Since ‘Homeland’

A gritty six-part drama that sounds worth getting your teeth into.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Sky One dropped its original TV show Cobra just days ago, and people are already tipping the six-part series as one of the best shows of the year.

The high-stakes crime drama deals with an unfolding national solar storm emergency that threatens to take down the national power grid and disrupt life as we know it.

Speaking of the show, one Twitter user penned: "#Cobra is probably the most binge worthy TV programme I've seen since Homeland and the Wire."

High praise indeed.

Whilst another was so sucked into the drama, they forgot it wasn't real, adding: "Anyone been watching #COBRA on @SkyOne? I've got so sucked in by it, when I put the radio on in the car this morning I expected there to be an update on the crisis in the actual news IRL!"

A third went as far as to say it was "the best drama of the year".

A fourth commented: "@SkyOneThank you for a fascinating and enthralling series in #COBRA.A terrifying vision of why could be. Well done to all the production team, writers and also actors who have a sense of urgency and, sometimes despair which was very palpable. A story well told."

While lastly, someone chipped in: "Just binged all 6 episodes of #cobra with @robertcarlyle_was a great drama and great acting!"

We're unsurprised at the reaction, as people loved Bodyguard and Cobra offers a glimpse inside the inner workings of the UK government.

If the solar disaster wasn't enough to deal with though, viewers will see angry residents rising up against the government, whose crisis team COBRA is desperately trying to save society from collapse.

Richard Dormer plays Fraser Walker (
Sky One)

When faced with this national emergency, we see the Prime Minister, played by Robert Carlyle, and Chief of Staff, played by Victoria Hamilton, forced to make impossible political decisions whilst dealing with their own messy personal lives.

Sounds like there's a lot going on and that paired with the fact that scientifically this sort of disaster could actually occur in real life, people are utterly gripped.

Sounds pretty binge-worthy to us!

You can access all six episodes of Cobra on Sky and NOW TV now.

Featured Image Credit: Sky One

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