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'Clueless' Just Dropped On Netflix - Here's Why It's The Ultimate Ode To The 90s

'Clueless' Just Dropped On Netflix - Here's Why It's The Ultimate Ode To The 90s

Whisking us back in time to the 90s...

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Clueless is one of the most iconic flicks of all time that somehow manages to magically whisk you back in time to the nineties.

One minute you're WhatsApping your pals on an iPhone and the next you're right there with Cher, like, totally buggin' with your retro flip phone.

More than 20 years after its release, we still can't get enough of Amy Heckerling's comedy about the shopaholic Beverly Hills teen - which is convenient since it's landing back on Netflix this weekend.

With that in mind, we present to you an ode to the cinematic masterpiece and why, from the clothing to the slang, this nostalgic number is the ultimate love letter to the nineties.

The fashion

Whilst Clueless inspired some serious trends courtesy of Cher's (Alicia Silverstone's) fab-u-lous wardrobe, it also immortalised some seriously happening looks of the decade.

Co-ords, for example. Remember Cher's canary yellow plaid suit? Of course you do.

Well, if you were a nineties kid there is a 99 per cent chance you owned a matchy-matchy ensemble yourself, even if it was a Kappa shell suit.

Cher's iconic yellow plaid co-ord suit (

That acid-bright outfit paid tribute to another classic nineties trend: colourful blazers. The brighter and more patterned the better.

But it didn't stop at Cher; even nerdy Tai (Brittany Murphy), was working the decade in her own way. Back then, grunge was firmly on the radar and Tai's tees and checked shirts really encapsulated the skater boy look - and how can we forget Travis? Not that it stopped Cher in her tracks trying to 'educate' her though.

And despite Dionne (Stacey Dash) wearing that infamous Mad Hatter ensemble, she was mostly on trend too. She and Cher often rocked padded headbands which were the accessory of the decade (along with scrunchies).

Tai's tees and checked shirts encapsulated the skater boy look (

But fashion always comes in waves and whilst headbands may look retro, they are happening again right now - they are all over the Zara accessories section. A trend we're very glad to see return.

However, there is one look we're pleased isn't on the radar in 2020 and that's clogs. Remember that moment when Daddy Dearest asks Cher what she did in school and she responds: "Well, I broke in my purple clogs."

They can stay firmly in the nineties, thanks.

The beauty

Fashionista Cher might have had a (mostly) fabulous wardrobe for the era, but her hair was also happenin'.

Remember asking your hairdresser for feathering at the front that was so dramatic it started at eye level and graduated all the way down to your below shoulder length hair? Cher may or may not be responsible for that.

Style icon Cher's dramatic feathered hairstyle (

The retro put-downs

"Ugh, as if". Normally said in response to being told that someone been secretly hooking up with our crush, Cher uses it in response to unwanted male attention. It's hella sassy and we can't get enough.

And who could forget Amber's iconic "whatever"? Naturally, she says it whilst holding up her hands to create a 'W'. We've lost count the amount of times we did this to our siblings. If that's not a retro diss, we don't know what is.

"Totally" was another classic. Cher says it frequently, but the most notable occasion is when she's out driving with Dionne, who mentions she's missed a stop sign, responding: "I totally paused".

'Clueless' starred Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy and Stacey Dash (

Thank god Cher doesn't pass her test; every time we watch the movie we cannot get over how terrifying her driving is.

And what about: "Way harsh"? We can just hear ourselves saying it now. "Mum you're way harsh for not letting us go that party that's full of older boys". Ahh, young love.

Could we love this film anymore?

The dated tech

Wealthy and spoilt, Cher was way ahead of her time by owning a mobile phone in the nineties. But her phone still gives us major nostalgia with its giant antenna and its flip-up design. It was like a very early and very chunky Motorola Razr.

And Mel, Cher's workaholic jerk of a dad is never off his own phone, even during their "nice family dinner".

But speaking of retro tech, Cher and Dionne both have pagers. It's like a snapshot of a bygone age.


The soundtrack still gives a sentimental urge to listen to Radiohead's The Bends album, which plays on the radio in the scene where Cher comes home to find Josh (Paul Rudd) in the house.

But really, can you get any more nineties than Coolio?

We're not talking Gangsta's Paradise, but the totally underrated Rollin' with My Homies.

It's major in the film as Tai and Elton bond over it at a party and later Tai reminisces over the 'love' lost.

She was totally buggin'.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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