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Clueless Costume Designer Mona May Fears A Sequel Would Be A Let Down

Clueless Costume Designer Mona May Fears A Sequel Would Be A Let Down

Mona chatted to Tyla ahead of the movie's 25th anniversary.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Clueless was without doubt, one of the most iconic films of the nineties. Or ever - in our humble opinion.

Which is why the film's costume designer - the incredibly talented Mona May - thinks recreating the film for a reboot would be problematic.

Ahead of the movie's 25th anniversary - and to celebrate it dropping on NOW TV - Mona chatted to Tyla about the iconic looks, *that* yellow plaid suit, her friendship with Alicia Silverstone and how she really feels about a reboot.

Happy 25th birthday Clueless! (
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"There has been so much reboot talk forever I just don't even believe it anymore," Mona told us.

"There are always rumours. I think it would be hard because it's just not the time, innocent times are gone, and that's part of the charm of watching Clueless."

If there was a reboot, Mona explained it would have to be empowering - and with a killer script - for her to get involved.

"It would depend on their vision, I really would have to understand where they are coming from. I would want it to empower with a well written script. Part of this incredible film was because there was so much passion from everyone involved. Part twos can be a let down sometimes."

We can all agree that Clueless just wouldn't be Clueless without the epic fashion - and that's all down to Mona, who dressed every member of the cast.

Together with director Amy Heckerling, Mona explained the pair were like "two peas in a pod" while working on the cult movie - which retold Jane Austen's Emma in an American high school setting.

It's one of the reasons why there were so many iconic hats in the film - an often rare accessory on screen.

Speaking about Dionne's incredible Dr Seuss hat, Mona explained: "I love hats, they are my signature in movies but they're very hard to use; they create a shadow on the eyes so many directors will shy away. But with Amy, we were like two peas in a pod, she really encouraged me to just go for it.

"Of course she had the final say but she allowed me to just play, so I was able to bring these crazy hats and ideas, there was so much collaboration between us.

"For example, when I got the Alaia dress, she actually wrote that into the script. To this day we remain such close friends."

Amy wrote the iconic Alaia dress into the script (
Paramount Pictures)

The red Alaia is just one of the iconic outfits Cher wears in the movie. But when we think of Clueless, we always come back to *that* yellow plaid suit, worn by Cher on the first day of school.

"I love talking about the yellow suit because it's the opening of the movie and the yellow plaid is really synonymous with the film.

"As a costume designer we really have to think about what the actor is doing, what's in the script, and here it was Cher's first day of school.

"We knew she going to be outside and in California there's lots of green and lots of colourful flowers. We really thought, what would Cher do? What would her uniform be for the first day?

"At first we tried a beautiful blue suit which was gorgeous on Alicia but it just didn't pop, so we tried a red one but it seemed like she was trying too hard, it was also a little bit Christmassy.

The iconic yellow plaid suit (
Paramount Pictures)

"Then there was the Dolce and Gabbana plaid - off the rack, that I bought because we didn't have a big budget - and when we put it on Alicia it was magic, it was like that incredible moment in fittings when you know it's right.

"When she put it on we all had goosebumps."

From the yellow suit, to the girls' gym wear (Mona's favourite scene) Cher had 60 changes throughout the movie. But where are the clothes now?!

"They usually go back to the studio, Alicia took some I think, and others got lost, which is very sad to me actually.

Mona says the gym scene is her favourite (
Paramount Pictures)

"I talk about it with Alicia - we're still friends and we always talk about the film, she's such a wonderful person, I'm so proud to still call her a friend. You bond when you're that young and you're creating something so incredible.

"We had so much fun, it was true joy and the best time. That's why I love talking about it, it makes me so happy."

Happy 25th birthday Clueless - AS IF it's been that long?!

Clueless turns 25 this year. It is available to watch now on streaming service NOW TV, with a Sky Cinema Pass for £11.99.

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