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Chernobyl Is Most Addictive TV Drama, Study Finds

Chernobyl Is Most Addictive TV Drama, Study Finds

A new poll found that Chernobyl is the show that people are most likely to binge until the end.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Chernobyl is officially the most addictive TV dramas, according to a new poll.

The show - which centres around the catastrophic nuclear accident on 25th and 26th April 1986, which took place in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - is the most addictive out of all linear TV dramas, the research revealed.

Data from Enders Analysis looked at every show that UK viewers watched recently and sought to discover which they were most likely to continue watching until the end of the series.

Not far behind Chernobyl is Sky Atlantic's Italian crime hit Gomorrah, while BBC 1's The Doctor Blake Mysteries was ranked the third most addictive.

Landing in fourth, Bodyguard was ranked high on the binge-able scale, while the show in fifth place was Hawaii Five-O and Succession came in sixth.

The show was hugely popular when it hit TV screens (
Sky Atlantic)

The top 20 also saw entrants like Homeland, Line of Duty and Billions.

Sick of It, with Karl Pilkington, was at the top of the list of shows people gave up on.

Meanwhile, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels was branded the second least addictive show, closely followed by Sky 1's Warrior.

Other shows which people weren't as likely to watch through until the end include What We Do In The Shadows and Mrs America.

You can check out the full lists below:

Sick Of It failed to grab people's attention (

Shows people are most likely to finish:

  1. Chernobyl - Sky Atlantic
  2. Gomorrah - Sky Atlantic
  3. The Doctor Blake Mysteries - BBC 1
  4. Bodyguard - BBC 1
  5. Hawaii Five-0 - Sky 1
  6. Succession - Sky Atlantic
  7. Bad Move - ITV
  8. Quantico - Alibi
  9. In My Skin - BBC 3
  10. Fortitude - Sky Atlantic
  11. This Country -BBC 3
  12. The Heart Guy - Drama
  13. Billions - Sky Atlantic
  14. Homeland - Channel 4
  15. Line of Duty - BBC 1
  16. Doc Martin - ITV
  17. The Blacklist - Sky 1
  18. The Capture - BBC 1
  19. Unforgotten - ITV
  20. London Kills - BBC 1
Line Of Duty just made the list of bingeable shows (

Shows people are most likely to give up on:

  1. Sick of It - Sky 1
  2. Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels - Sky Atlantic
  3. Warrior - Sky 1
  4. Kidding - Sky Atlantic
  5. I Know This Much Is True - Sky Atlantic
  6. The Loudest Voice - Sky Atlantic
  7. Dave - BBC 2
  8. Jett - Sky 1
  9. What We Do in the Shadows - BBC 2
  10. Mrs. America - BBC 2
  11. The Mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk - BBC 2
  12. Pls Like - BBC 3
  13. Der Pass - Sky Atlantic
  14. Bliss - Sky 1
  15. The First - Channel 4
  16. Camping - Sky Atlantic
  17. Intelligence - Sky 1
  18. Manifest - Sky 1
  19. The Name of the Rose - BBC 2
  20. Will & Grace - Channel 5
Will and Grace wasn't that binge-able (
Channel 5)

If you think some of your fave shows aren'y listed, that might be because the stats don't include Netflix or Amazon (sorry Orange Is The New Black, You and Stranger Things fans).

The data was calculated by looking at shows which aired on linear UK television from 2018 to present, and calculating how much of the series people consumed.

They also calculated the figures accounting for catch-up views within 28 days of the original broadcast.

Do you agree with the ranking of these shows? We think the fact anyone would give up on Will and Grace is *criminal*, tbh.

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