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A New True-Crime Documentary On Charles Manson Is Coming

A New True-Crime Documentary On Charles Manson Is Coming

Charles Manson recalls his crimes in his own words in this chilling new documentary.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A new documentary exploring Charles Manson and his infamous cult is coming to Quest Red.

The story of Manson and his followers has been one that gripped the world since the moment his heinous crimes took place.

And while there have been countless documentaries on the cult leader, Charles Manson: The Final Words promises to offer brand new never-before-seen case files, and exclusive interviews with Manson from prison, conducted over his life.

Telling the chilling tale of Manson's crimes from his own perspective, the documentary sounds like it's going to be a fascinating watch.

The documentary will explore Charles Manson's story in his own words (

For anybody that needs a reminder of Manson's story, he was not only a pretty vicious murderer but also a charismatic cult leader, who brainwashed all of his followers.

His 'Manson Family' committed atrocities that shocked the whole of America and beyond.

Manson started up a commune in California back in the 1960s and he and his followers were responsible for the deaths of nine people throughout the decade.

He was eventually caught and convicted of first degree murder, as well as conspiracy to commit murder. He died at the age of 83 in prison back in 2017.

The documentary is being released as part of Quest Red's 'Killing Season', and will air at 11pm on Saturday the 22nd February.

Charles Manson's story has captured the world's attention (
Quest Red)

Two other documentaries will show during the season too, including In Memoriam which tells the story of three mass shootings in America, which have taken place in the last three years.

The two-hour documentary, airing on Sunday 15th February at 11pm will include fist person interviews with both survivors and medical first responders on the scene.

The third will take another look at the case of Aaron Hernandez, following the hugely successful Netflix three-parter that recently aired.

The new documentary, named Aaron Hernandez: An ID Murder Mystery, will focus on the events that unfolded when Hernandez was in court for three murders that took place in 2012 and 2013.

It will also delve into the dramatic rise and fall of the New England Patriots star, who signed a five-year $40 million (£30.4 million) deal with the club in 2010.

Hernandez's story will air in two parts, on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th February.

Featured Image Credit: Quest Red

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