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Viewers Say Channel 4's 'Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency' Is A 'Heartbreaking' Watch

Viewers Say Channel 4's 'Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency' Is A 'Heartbreaking' Watch

Viewers took to Twitter to praise Channel 4 for the show.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

A hard-hitting Channel 4 documentary has been praised for raising awareness of postpartum psychosis.

Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency, which launched on Tuesday night, follows Nottinghamshire NHS Trust as they support people suffering from a range of mental health conditions.

Throughout the series, viewers are given a glimpse inside Nottinghamshire Healthcare - one of the UK's largest mental health trusts.

The first episode followed new mum Laura who was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis shortly after her baby was born.

The series follows Nottinghamshire NHS Trust as they try to help patients suffering with mental health conditions (
Channel 4)

Two weeks after the birth of her daughter Olivia Mae, Laura was sectioned after trying to kill herself and her family by driving at high speed into a brick wall.

The new mum was brought into the Mother and Baby Unit with husband Dan by her side as staff set to work in helping her recover.

Laura tried to kill herself and her family by driving into a wall (
Channel 4)

Meanwhile, the hour-long episode also focussed on 11-year-old Briena who has been having extreme panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and seizures.

Briena and her family arrive in A&E and the team are tasked with understanding whether the 11-year-old is really suicidal or whether there is an underlying and complex issue at hand.

Briena and her family arrive in A&E in the middle of the night (
Channel 4)

Viewers found the first episode a particularly powerful watch, with many praising Channel 4 for making the programme.

One wrote: "Applauding @Channel4 for putting mental health in the spotlight! Heartbreaking to watch an 11 year old wanting to commit suicide and a new mum wanting to kill her family!

"Be kind to one another - you never know peoples struggles!"

Another called it a "heavy watch" while many viewers on Twitter agreed it was incredibly important.

"Powerful and disturbing insight into mental health, getting an early diagnosis is not always available & can add to the distress to both the individual and family that can take years to recover from," wrote one.

While a third urged: "I would recommend everyone to watch #losingit on Chanel 4 as it gives a true reflection of what it means/feels like to be in a mental health crisis."

With demand for mental health services rising in the UK, the series aims to offer a glimpse into the overwhelming pressure on mental health services as well as giving an insight into the desperately sad and difficult decisions doctors and nurses have to make each day.

Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency airs on Channel 4 on Tuesdays at 10pm.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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