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'Changing Rooms' Reboot Is Coming To Channel 4 With Davina McCall And Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

'Changing Rooms' Reboot Is Coming To Channel 4 With Davina McCall And Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

Cult home makeover show 'Changing Rooms' is returning with Davina McCall as the new host.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

We feel like every day at the moment we're telling you about a reboot of another classic TV show, but this one is really, really exciting.

Changing Rooms is getting a revival, and Davina McCall is joining as host.

You'll likely remember the home makeover show on the BBC back in the day, running from 1996 to 2004 with Carole Smilie, 58, working alongside designer Laurence Llewelyn Bowen.

However, now its got a shiny new spot on Channel 4's lineup, and Davina, 52, has been pulled in to accompany 'homestyle consultant' Laurence, 55.

Davina is joining as host (

The show famously saw two groups renovating a room in each other's homes, working alongside interior designers to create the most spectacular new room they can just £500 and two days to get the job done.

Laurence competed against a colleague in each ep to see who can come up with the most stylish and innovative space.

While we can expect the new reboot to follow the same format, Channel 4 have not confirmed whether DIY experts Handy Andy Kane, Anna Ryder Richardson and Linda Barker will be making a comeback, yet.

The new season will also be packed full of interior design tips and DIY suggestions, as well as hints on how to be "crafty on a budget by upscaling and adding sparkle to unloved or outdated corners of our homes".

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen has been brought back to the show (

On her new role, Davina said: "I'm so excited to be presenting Changing Rooms. It's the perfect time to bring it back. Everyone is going DIY and decor-mad!

"I can't wait to see all the amazing transformations. I might even get stuck in myself if I'm allowed to be let loose with a paint brush."

Meanwhile, Laurence said: "There's no room for beige in our homes and, just as it was in the 90s, Changing Rooms is once more the homestyle antidote to Britain's blues (and greys and taupes, and even Magnolia).

Carol Smilie and Handy Andy (

"It's taken quite a lot of coaxing to get me under the Changing Rooms banner once more, but nothing like as much coaxing as it's going to take to squeeze those leather trousers back on."

Running for an impressive 10 seasons in total, the show was as infamous for its rather...errr....questionable design choices as it was for it interior design successes.

There was the moment one group bizarrely turned a room into a Greek/ Roman temple after spotting a four poster bed and a travel guide to Greece on a bookshelf, the time that a son found chocolate condoms under his parents' bed, and the truly iconic scene where designer, Linda Barker had to tell one woman that her floating shelves had fallen down, leaving her teapot collection in tatters...

Check that last excruciating moment out below:

We first heard about the possibility of a new series back in August, and at the time Carole Smilie said she would "come back to telly" for it, should she be asked.

However, the gig has instead been given to Big Brother and Long Lost Family host Davina, in an apparent bid to freshen things up.

We can't wait to see Changing Rooms back on telly. Here's hoping it's as feel-good and chaotic as ever...

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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