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Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn Responds To Mum-Shamers After Skipping Maternity Leave

Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn Responds To Mum-Shamers After Skipping Maternity Leave

Christine has called-out the 'mum-shamers' who criticised her returning to work days after giving birth.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Christine Quinn has responded to trolls who criticised her for returning to work soon after giving birth.

The Selling Sunset star welcomed her first child Christian Georges Dumontet on 15th May this year, but the 'mum-shamers' in Christine's comments have questioned why she's already back at work.

Christine welcomed her son earlier this month (

"The mum-shamers are real, that's for sure," the 31-year-old told E! News, "I've gotten people who are like, 'Oh I'm so happy you're getting back to work, that's great!' And then I have people who are like, 'You need to give your body time to recover and heal, and who's taking care of the baby?'"

Christine further defended her decision to go back to skip maternity leave and go back to work. "For me, I love to work," she said. "There are single moms out there every single day working two, three jobs, doing it.

She added: "Women are so strong, and they can do it. For me, I'm happy to be working. I'm thrilled to have a job, and I'm thrilled to have a baby and be able to do it all.

Christine revealed a picture of Christian this week (
E!/ Patty Orion)

"I think that's really the message here: Women really can do it all, so don't be shaming! I want to keep my work life and home life separate."

She also highlighted the help and support she gets from her husband Christian Richard. She added: "I'm like, 'Listen, my husband's amazing. He's home, the baby's sleeping."

Christine shared an adorable picture of her newborn son this week during her appearance on the gossip show E! Daily Pop on Wednesday.

Mary Fitzgerald posted a picture from the set of Selling Sunset shortly before Christine gave birth (
Mary Fitzgerald/ Instagram)

Little Christian was dressed in a flawless black jumpsuit, with a chunky Louis Vuitton necklace studded with jewels in true Christine-style.

"He's iced out," the proud mum wise cracked as she spoke on the show. "He's got a little bit of bling on. I just thought it was so cute, I had to do it."

Christine welcomed a 'healthy baby boy' via an emergency C-section on May 15th in Los Angeles.

Earlier this month production began on seasons 4 and 5. Mary Fitzgerald posted a snap with several of her fellow Selling Sunset stars on Instagram - including Christine Quinn who was heavily pregnant when the picture was posted.

Christine's pregnancy and birth will likely be one of the major moments in season 4 when it premieres later this year.

We can't wait to see it all unfold!

Featured Image Credit: E!

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