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People Can Not Stop Crying Over Emotional Netflix Doc Series Cat People

People Can Not Stop Crying Over Emotional Netflix Doc Series Cat People

The Netflix series explores the fascinating relationship between cats and humans through the eyes of a diverse group of 'cat people'.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Dogs usually get all the credit as man's best friend but a new Netflix series is seeking to change that, and it has left people in floods of tears.

Cat People is a documentary series which explores the strong bond between felines and humans by speaking to a diverse group of 'cat people' about their fur babies.

Watch the trailer below:

The six-episode series has tugged at the heart strings of viewers. "There's a mini docuseries called Cat People on Netflix and tell me why I'm crying," wrote one Twitter user.

Another viewer said: "Watching Cat People on Netflix and crying because the cats are so cute. Why am I the way I am."

While a third shared the trailer on Twitter and said: "I'm not crying you're crying".

The series contains six episodes focusing on a different cat person (

Each episode focuses on a different cat person. The first follows 'cat rapper' Moshow who makes viral videos as his main source of income. He has five cats which he shares with his wife M.C.

Moshow and M.C. met in college and after he was introduced to his future wife's family, he fell in love with their cats - and M.C. of course.

He now raps about his cats and started sharing his videos on Facebook and YouTube.

Other episodes include a woman who runs her very own cat circus, a surfer cat and his surfer human, a person who raises money for cats in need, an artist who makes 3D portraits and a couple who started a cat sanctuary.

Cat People is available to stream on Netflix right now.

In other Netflix news, the streaming service dropped the first trailer for its new Love Is Blind series on Thursday.

Watch the trailer below:

The series will feature familiar faces from season one who will meet up and discuss everything that happened after the show wrapped.

Cameras will follow the couples as Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed, and Matthew Barnett and Amber Pike get ready to celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary.

The anniversary party for the two couples serves as the setting for the upcoming reunion. Other folks have had to come face to face with their exes once again.

Love Is Blind: After the Altar drops 28th July.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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