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​'Love Island' Fans Horrified As They Google Callum's Favourite Sex Position 'The Butter Churner’

​'Love Island' Fans Horrified As They Google Callum's Favourite Sex Position 'The Butter Churner’

We thought we'd heard it all when we heard about 'The Eagle,' but we were very wrong...

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Love Island fans watched as Callum Jones admitted his very unusual favourite sex position on the TV show last night and were left horrified after taking to Google to check it out properly.

Callum, 23, from Manchester, was taking part in 'Spill The Tea' on the ITV2 show which aimed to help the islanders get to know each other better.

Shaughna Phillips, who he was then coupled up with (he has since been swiped by twin Jess Gale), was asked to guess who she believed had chosen 'the butter churner' as their favourite sex position.

She had to make her selection by planting a smacker on the person who she thought it was and guessed Callum instantly, admitting to him: "I knew who I was going to be kissing before I got the instructions".

Luckily for her, it turned out she'd guessed correctly anyway.

The islanders played 'Spill The Tea' where Callum's favourite sex position was spilled (
Shaughna gets asked in the challenge who she thinks favours 'the butter churner' (

But she was left wondering - along with us viewers at home - what the hell 'the butter churner' is in relation to sex.

Do these people read the Karma Sutra and then make up new names for the moves or something?

It felt like 'the eagle' all over again - Curtis Pritchard's favourite bizarre position he revealed on the show last summer.

So Callum obviously gave a demo - not that it helped our understanding much, nor other fans at home who took to Twitter to ask what it was.

Callum demonstrates his favourite sex move (
Buttery sex position anyone? (

Many then googled it and their reaction to finding out what it was was priceless.

One uploaded two pictures of Ronan Kemp from I'm a Celebrity, a 'before' and 'after' of his face first confused and second horrified and captioned it: "Everyone going onto Google to search "the Butter Churner" sex position."

Followed by: "Everyone after seeing what it looks like".

Another commented: "Maybe don't Google the butter churner #loveisland".

A third said: "Just googled butter churner and wish I didn't".

Another added: "DONT GOOGLE WHAT A BUTTER CHURNER IS #LoveIsland".

Finally one iterated: "I googled the butter churner and I really wish I hadn't #LoveIsland".

Turns out the butter churner involves a woman laying on her back "with her legs raised above and behind her head," according to Kinkly.

The guy squats over the top ready for 'action'.

Kinkly continues: "The thrusting motion in this position is similar to making butter in an old fashioned butter churner, which is how the position gets its name".


It's not a new position by any means though, with Ann Summers tweeting about the position back in 2018.

The store captioned the image: "Today's sex position is not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. If you want to try something new, give the Butter Churner a go - it will be a position neither of you will forget"

People are still talking about it, with 2017 contestant Kem Cetinay bringing it up on Love Island The Morning After podcast too.

Love Island tweeted: "Was anyone else slightly confused at the mention of the 'butter churner' position last night? @tolly_t joins @KemCetinay and @ariellefree on The Morning After to discuss the results of that rather revealing challenge...Listen now through the #LoveIsland app".

Thanks to Callum, it turns out Love Island isn't just easy to watch TV, it's 'educational' too.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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