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Bridgerton Intimacy Co-ordinator Lizzy Talbot On *That* Controversial Sex Scene

Bridgerton Intimacy Co-ordinator Lizzy Talbot On *That* Controversial Sex Scene

Speaking exclusively to Tyla, Lizzy Talbot explained just what goes into "choreographing" a Bridgerton sex scene.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

It's been nearly a month since Bridgerton dropped on Netflix - and we're still talking about it.

The period drama, which is projected to have reached a whopping 63 million households in its first month of screening, has been a huge success thanks to its brilliant plot, talented cast, flamboyant outfits and - of course - the steamy escapades of Daphne and Simon.

When it comes to those hot-under-the-collar scenes, we've got intimacy co-ordinator Lizzy Talbot to thank.

Speaking exclusively to Tyla, Lizzy explained just what goes into "choreographing" a Bridgerton sex scene, and the challenges she faced with *that* controversial moment in episode six.

Lizzy told Tyla exactly what goes in to choreographing a Bridgerton sex scene (

The scene in question comes after Daphne learns that her new husband's use of the withdrawal method is actually a form of contraception; in other words, he's been pulling out on purpose because he doesn't want children - while keeping her in the dark as to his motives.

Furious, Daphne takes matters into her own hands, and the next time they have sex, she positions herself on top (so he can't).

Viewers were torn over the issue of consent between Daphne Bridgerton (played by Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon, Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page), with some adamant that it constitutes rape.

When they have sex the following day, Daphne positions herself on top (

Speaking about co-ordinating the scene, Lizzy told Tyla: "I was looking at making sure the actors were safe and making sure [we're conveying] a power dynamic switch, because the education of Daphne has just skyrocketed.

"Before then, her knowledge of this is incredibly limited and it is only what Simon has told her, and then she suddenly finds out and is trying to process all of that.

"There becomes an invisible power dynamic shift where she's far more in control than ever before. She was certainly leading it and that was really important to convey.

"As well as managing that with both the actors not wearing very many clothes, it's a very vulnerable scene for both of them at that point too."

Lizzy explained a lot of the scenes were filmed outside (
Barnaby Boulton)

As an intimacy co-ordinator, Lizzy doesn't have control over the narrative of the story, but it's her job to choreograph the sex scenes, all the while making sure everyone on set - both cast and crew - feel safe and comfortable with what they're being asked to do.

In fact, some of her biggest challenges came in the form of the tiny antique beds and ancient wallpaper within the draughty old castle in which they filmed.

"We did a lot of scenes outside, so a lot of the honeymoon montage was done at Castle Howard in Yorkshire in the middle of the night," explains Lizzy.

"There were lots of challenges in keeping the cast warm, making sure they were dry in between takes, and that we weren't hanging around for too long.

"Another obstacle in the castle came from working with a lot of original beds and original wallpaper. We had to be incredibly careful of the bed posts, to make sure they weren't scraping against the wall.

"We also had to have a museum curator watching in every room, so these poor people had to sit there through these intimacy scenes, while everyone was either in nightwear or nude, and doing quite acrobatic stuff."

Lizzy said one of the biggest challenges came from working with original furniture (

Almost a month has passed since the Regency drama first dropped onto Netflix, and fans have celebrated the news of a second season on Thursday.

Lizzy said: "Everyone is feeling incredibly restrained at the moment, and I think that's one of the reasons it's been so popular. I think we're all looking at those incredible balls, with all of those people being in such close contact - dancing drinking talking hugging - and that is incredibly appealing.

"I think people are really drawn to how much life the show has. Everything is so technicolour. And the cast are so good, we're seeing something we haven't seen before.

"A lot of period dramas talk and hint about sex, but in Bridgerton we actually see it."

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