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Bradley Walsh Scolds Anne Hegerty For 'Inappropriate Joke' In Front Of Kids

Bradley Walsh Scolds Anne Hegerty For 'Inappropriate Joke' In Front Of Kids

Bradley Walsh had to warn Anne Hegerty during 'The Chase' after she made an inappropriate comment about chickens on the quiz show.

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

Bradley Walsh was forced to give Anne Hegerty a warning on last night's The Chase after she made an 'inappropriate comment in front of the kids'.

During the tea time quiz, presenter Bradley was shocked by a joke the Governess made and warned her there were children watching.

Contestant Jack from Oxfordshire told the chaser he would like to spend any winnings on building a hen house at home.

He explained that he wanted to give his six rescued battery hens a new luxury home but Anne had some views to share.

Anne disagreed with contestant Jack's plans to build a hen house. (
ITV/The Chase)

The Governess responded: "You want somewhere to put your chickens? Well there's only one place a chicken should be and that is in a crispy crumb coating."

Her comment led to Bradley shaking his head in disgust with Anne reacting: "You don't like chicken?"

Bradley was unhappy with Anne's comments. (
ITV/The Chase)

Bradley reacted with disappointment, saying "Yeah I get it but tea time in front of the kids?"

Not put off, Anne replied: "That's what they're having for tea," turned to look directly at the camera, and said: "Hello kids."

Bradley was trying to diffuse the discussion. (
ITV/The Chase)

Trying to dissolve the situation Bradley shouted: "They're having fish fingers and petit pois."

"I'm pretty sure there are chicken fingers," Anne retorted.

Anne wanted the last word. (
ITV/The Chase)

To end the discussion Bradley encouraged Anne to make an offer said: "Put some money on the table."

After Bradley and Anne ended their discussion, Jack decided to remain with the cash he built up during the cash builder round.

Despite making it through his one-on-one with Anne Jack and fellow contestant Ken were unable to beat The Governess in the final chase.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/The Chase

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