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Bradley Walsh Sobs On 'This Morning' Over Care Home Crisis

Bradley Walsh Sobs On 'This Morning' Over Care Home Crisis

'The Chase' presenter was left overwhelmed with emotion after a segment on care homes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Bradley Walsh couldn't contain his emotions on Thursday (8th October) as he joined This Morning via video call.

The Chase presenter was left choked up during a gut-wrenching segment on care homes, which looked at how it wasn't only the elderly people who couldn't see their families, but also disabled people.

During the segment, one mum named Ruth told how she was no longer allowed to see her son, Sam, who has Huntington's disease, despite having visited him every day for three hours for seven months before coronavirus took hold.

Ruth had got in touch with Bradley before the show, and it was her message which triggered him to speak out on the issue.

"My [wife] Donna saw this and said, 'Brad, have you seen this message that you've got?' and straight away I thought, wow, if it was my mum, or my son Barney for instance, I'd be absolutely devastated. I had to get in touch and had to do something," he said.

The Chase presenter was clearly emotional (

Discussing the clip they showed of Ruth's plight, Bradley said: "I've just seen that - I've never met Ruth and Sam but that's heartbreaking.

"In Ruth's case specifically, six, seven months having daily contact with Sam and all of a sudden now - zero. He's in the later stages of Huntingdon's and it's so sad.

"It's hard enough to see your... It's hard enough... I'm sorry".

Getting choked up, with tears running down his cheeks, he concluded: "It's hard enough to see your parents go, but if your child is going to go before you, something needs to be done. It's so upsetting."

Gesturing at the presenters to continue while he struggled to compose himself, Bradley managed to muster: "Apologies."

Ruth spoke about not being able to see her son (

Comforting Bradley, Holly Willoughby then replied: 'Don't be sorry".

Both she and Phillip Schofield both looked on the verge of crying, too.

As emotional as the segment is, it definitely seems to have hammered home just how heartbreaking it is for people to be isolated from their loved ones.

"After watching Bradley Walsh in tears on this morning we need to do some thing about family's torn apart," one Twitter user wrote.

The family have been torn apart by the pandemic (

"Those with illnesses who are isolating alone in care homes etc ,who may never see a family member before they die."

Another wrote: "@thismorning such a moving interview with Bradley Walsh, thank goodness for him getting behind this . I imagine the entire nation is now behind him on getting relatives access to their loved ones!"

As a third penned: "Literally sat crying along with @BradleyWalsh whilst watching @thismorning. After losing my Father to this virus, and not being able to see him for three months before he died it is truly heart breaking! This needs to change and relatives need to be able to see loved ones!".

Bradley apologised for crying (

While the government states that separating loved ones in some care homes is in the interest of patients, who could very well catch the virus and spread it to others, psychologist Emma Kenny added that there were also side effects of segregation that needed to be considered.

This Morning's resident expert said that dementia and Alzheimer's patients kept apart from their loved ones were seeing a "50 per cent decline in six months".

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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