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Bloodlands Viewers Left Divided Over 'Confusing' Ending

Bloodlands Viewers Left Divided Over 'Confusing' Ending

We’ve been left scratching our heads over this one…

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

**Warning! Major Bloodlands spoilers below**

Bloodlands has been addictive Sunday night viewing, with the twist and turns of the epic police thriller getting our pulses racing before we went to bed.

The BBC One series, which starred Cold Feet's James Nesbit and boasted Line of Duty showrunner Jed Mercurio as an Executive Producer, follows a cold-case reappearing when an assassin known as "Goliath" is on the loose with a connection to DCI Tom Brannick (James Nesbitt) whose wife was one of the victims.

James Nesbitt starred as a detective hunting for Goliath (

While we have been shamelessly addicted to the pacey thriller, it seems not everyone was impressed with the Bloodlands finale, with many viewers being left confused with the show's outcome.

The finale revealed that Tom was 'Goliath' after all, with the dormant killer hiding in plain sight as the man leading the investigation in the Northern Irish noir.

However, fans of the show thought this big reveal made for a major plot hole in the four-part series.

"Sorry I don't understand why he was so keen to reopen the Goliath case if he is Goliath?" asked one perplexed fan on Twitter.

The Bloodlands finale left some scratching their heads (

"So yer man kidnapped himself at the start then he was goliath? Ok," added a second disbelieving viewer.

"Didn't like that ending it wasn't very believable," a third said. "The Goliath reveal was silly and why spend so much time focusing on the wife then meh, nothing."

Others didn't understand how Tom could also be Goliath (

"I can't be the only one baffled by Bloodlands?" a fourth continued, while a fifth said: "Anyone who is watching #Bloodlands and #Unforgotten is having serious mindf*ck right now."

Others were quick to make the joke that the only people who could explain the finale were the AC-12 team from Line Of Duty.

"Fully expecting to see Hastings turn up," joked one fan, while another said: "I'm sort of waiting for Ted Hastings & AC12 to get involved."

Others wanted to see a Line of Duty crossover (

And some fans were focused on Bloodlands' real mystery - how the snow in the finale seemed to melt so quickly.

"Never mind if Tom is Goliath or not what everyone wants to know where did the snow go!" wisecracked one viewer.

"I know the weather in Northern Ireland is a bit changeable, but I've never seen snow vanish that quickly before," a second said.

The finale did divide viewers (

"That snow disappeared QUICK!" a third pointed out.

Nonetheless, many fans were full of praise for the cast for the gripping series, which received widespread praise.

"I thought Bloodlands was brilliant," wrote one viewer. "Well done BBC One and thank you Jed Mercurio."

The real mystery is how the snow melted so fast (

"Loved every episode of #Bloodlands and James Nesbitt was just brilliant as was the rest of the cast," a second added. "What an amazing ending. Thank you @jed_mercurio for another brilliant series."

Bloodlands is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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