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People Are Saying Netflix's Bling Empire Is Better Than Selling Sunset

People Are Saying Netflix's Bling Empire Is Better Than Selling Sunset

Netflix's Bling Empire has everything Selling Sunset has from plush LA homes to expensive parties and very eccentric stars.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Netflix dropped its brand new docu-soap, Bling Empire just over a week ago, and it's already got fans hooked.

The TV series focuses on a group of Los Angeles' wealthiest Asian and Asian American friends and frenemies as they go all out with fabulous parties, glamour and of course, lots of drama.

And people are already comparing it to Netflix's other popular LA based series, Selling Sunset, suggesting that the new listing is even *better* than the Oppenheim Group's offering.

"Bling empire is better than selling sunset sorry," one person wrote after binging the new series.

While another concurred: "Bling Empire >>> Selling Sunset," alongside a meme which read: "I said what I said".

A third wrote: "I've been in a Netflix Bling Empire hole all day and I am having SUCH a nice time. It makes Selling Sunset look like something Ken Loach made".

Bling Empire has all the glitz and glamour of Selling Sunset (

As a fourth flipped everyone's thoughts on their head, joking: "If you hate yourself for watching Selling Sunset, prepare to loathe yourself for watching Bling Empire." LOL.

The cast includes Kevin Kreider who was born in Seoul, South Korea and adopted by a white family. He moved from Philadelphia to LA to pursue a career in modelling. Kane Lim is from Singapore and moved to LA to continue his family business investments. He describes himself as a billionaire.

In the show, Cherie Chan is introduced as having previously been on the path to becoming a pop superstar in Japan. Now, she and her partner Jessey Lee are busy raising their son and daughter.

People have already picked out their villain (

Meanwhile, Kelly Mi Li is an entrepreneur who is dating Andrew Gray, a former red Power Ranger, and Anna Shay is a "super, super wealthy" Beverly Hills local, who is half Japanese and half Russian.

Christine Chiu, who was born in Taiwan but now lives in Bel Air, describes herself as a philanthropist, investor and "couture collector", and is already being compared to Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn as the "villain" of the season.

And some fans also pitched the idea of crossing the two shows over, so that Selling Sunset's agents could sell one of the super-rich socialites a home.

People are calling for a Selling Sunset crossover (

"I wanna see a crossover with Bling Empire and Selling Sunset because these are the people buying those properties. Davina's 75 million dollar buyer is here," wrote one person on Twitter.

As another agreed: "I want to see a Bling Empire and Selling Sunset crossover. Christine Quinn can try to sell Christine Chiu a mansion and Davina can take on Anna. Just imagine".

A third wrote: "I don't know if the world can handle a Selling Sunset/Bling Empire crossover event but I want it. I want it so bad".

You heard them, Netflix. Make it happen!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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