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The Release Date For Black Mirror Series Five Appears To Have Been Leaked

The Release Date For Black Mirror Series Five Appears To Have Been Leaked

A now-deleted tweet from an official Netflix account revealed that series five of Black Mirror should be arriving on the 28th December.

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

According to a recent leak, we haven't got long to wait until series five of Black Mirror arrives on Netflix.

Thanks to a now-deleted tweet from an official account, the show will reportedly be returning on 28th December, which is less than four weeks away.

The leak claims that the first episode will be called 'Bandersnatch'. This potential name has legs to stand on as a picture of a door sign reading 'Bandersnatch' from the set of Black Mirror made its way onto the internet back in April.

The tweet was quickly deleted. (

Of course, we don't want to get anyone's hopes up too much, but it sounds like we're going to be given the best Christmas present ever by Netflix this year.

Although the streaming service is keeping details on the latest series under lock and key, we do know that it will include a choose-your-own-adventure episode.

Viewers will be able to change the outcome of the episode as Netflix is hoping to develop a new way to watch television.

We also know that at least one episode will take us back to the 80s again, similar to series three episode 'San Junipero'.

Photos were posted on social media by locals back in April revealing that the streets of Croydon had been fitted with retro shop signs to help set the scene, including a Wimpy for a major throwback.

Charlie Brooker also revealed earlier this year that there is the possibility that some previous episodes could be open to a sequel.

In a companion book to the series, Inside Black Mirror, Charlie spoke about the ideas he had for follow-ups to former episodes.

One of these included 'Return To White Bear', a sequel to 2013 episode 'White Bear'.

The latter episode starred Lenora Crichlow as Victoria Skillane who got her memory wiped every day. Charlie suggests in the follow-up, she would become aware of the process.

He explained: "That was something we discussed at the time, as a potential expansion of the story.

"What if she becomes aware that this is going on, and starts rebelling against it?"

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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