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'My Best Friend's Wedding' Is Being Screened In UK Cinemas This Month

'My Best Friend's Wedding' Is Being Screened In UK Cinemas This Month

"George, she's toast."

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

We've spent many a Sunday afternoon curled up on the sofa, watching as Jules tried to win Michael's heart by making him jealous and exposing Kimmy's terrible singing, all the while looking fabulous with her mom jeans and wild curls.

From the throwback fashion, to the musical numbers (the 'Say A Little Prayer' scene is still our fave) and a 30-something Dermot Mulroney (insert love heart eyes emoji) I think we can all agree, My Best Friend's Wedding is a true classic.

Now, Showcase Cinemas has made it possible for fans to watch the movie again - this time on the big screen - by airing the movie twice this month.

If you've not watched it, the film focuses on Julianne (played by Julia Roberts) and her best friend Michael, who lives in Chicago.

Despite being best mates, they had a bit of a thing almost a decade ago and although they were never anything serious, they made a pact that if neither of them were married by 28, they would get hitched.

Well, the years roll around - nine to be precise - and just three weeks before his 28th birthday, Michael announces to Jules that he's engaged to Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) - a super sweet 20-year-old who Jules compares to crème brûlée and decides is "all wrong for him".

Deciding she's in love with Michael herself, Jules heads straight to Chicago to embark on some evil plotting, where she has "exactly four days to break up a wedding [and] steal the bride's fella."

Kimmy is totally different to Julianne (

We won't ruin the ending, but cue scheming, lies, betrayal and in the end, a declaration of love from Julianne - but we still love her all the same.

The film will be shown at all Showcase Cinemas and Showcase Cinema de Lux locations at 5:45pm this Sunday (19th January) and 7:30pm this Monday (20th January).

Tickets are priced from £6 (depending on the location) and can be booked at the cinema box office or on the Showcase Cinemas website.

You'll be able to catch the film at a selection of cinemas across the country. To find out if there is a Showcase near you, you can view the full list online.

As true fans of Julia Roberts' 1997 flick, there's a VERY good chance we'll be attending both.

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