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'Miranda' Fans Can't Get Over Gary's Glow Up In Anniversary Special

'Miranda' Fans Can't Get Over Gary's Glow Up In Anniversary Special

Gary got HOT!

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

Miranda Hart's New Year's Day BBC special was a hit with viewers - and not just for the reason you think as fans were left delighted not just by Gary's (Tom Ellis) surprise cameo but his rather buff appearance.

Titled Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration, the one-off reunited Miranda and her co-stars; Sarah Hadland, Patricia Hodge, and Sally Phillips, to celebrate 10 years since the sitcom first galloped onto screens.

The award-winning BBC series, which ended in 2015, saw the cast reminisce about the good, bad and hilarious with special appearance by Ronan Keating, the cast of Mamma Mia and McFly.

The festive entertainment special, which was recorded in front of a live audience at London's Palladium, took a rather pleasant turn when Tom Ellis waltz (quite literally) onto stage with Miranda.

'Miranda' viewers were left pleasantly surprised by Tom Ellis' buff appearance (

Taking a trip across the pond, Tom, who plays Miranda's beloved Gary, told stories about working together on the sitcom, acted out their honeymoon sketch and shared a cheeky smooch in bed as they listened to McFly perform their hit All About You.

And while audience members were swooning over the characters reunion, viewers were also gripped for whole different reason - how buff Tom looked in his fitted black top.

The actor, 41, played Gary Preston on the BBC sitcom. Pictured in 2009 (

Twitter was soon alight with a stream of before and after pics as well as comments about the Lucifer star's appearance (mainly his arms).

One penned: "What the hell kinda glow up is that?? His shoulders?? his arms?his pecs? his abs? even his haircut?? (Can't help but see #Lucifer here and not GaryPreston lol)".

Since 'Miranda' ended in 2015, he now stars in 'Lucifer' (

"Ladies and gents, Gary Morningstar. Bid farewell to your heart seriously, that hairstyle!" another wrote.

A third shared: "Triple Tom - Tom as Gary, Tom as Lucifer, Tom as Tom Ellis. What a man, you can't wish for more perfection".

The glow-up is real folks.

If you missed Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration on Wednesday, you can catch it now on BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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