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​Netflix's 'All The Bright Places' Is Giving Us Serious 'The Fault In Our Stars' Vibes

​Netflix's 'All The Bright Places' Is Giving Us Serious 'The Fault In Our Stars' Vibes

Two troubled teens find each other, but can their bond help bring them out of their dark places?

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Netflix manages to provide us with a seemingly never-ending roster of original films and series' and it is dropping yet another movie this week starring Elle Fanning.

All The Bright Places, based on the novel of the same name by Jennifer Niven, is about two troubled teens struggling with mental health issues who meet and change each others' lives.

The story is bringing serious The Fault In Our Stars and My Sister's Keeper vibes, especially as Violet Markey, played by Elle (Maleficent, Super 8) is dealing with the death of her sister and survivor's guilt and involves two teens falling for each other.

Both Theodore and Violet are dealing with mental health problems (

Meanwhile, Theodore Finch, played by Justice Smith (Paper Towns, Jurassic World) is also dealing with scars from his past and problems in his present, but is determined to make Violet his friend.

The two form what seems an unshakeable bond, despite Violet's original apprehension over doing anything or seeing anyone.

The pair set to work on a school project, finding happiness in the little things along the way.

Theodore Finch is played by Justice Smith whilst Violet Markey is played by Elle Fanning (

The drama according to Netflix "provides a refreshing and human take on the experience of mental illness, its impact on relationships, as well as the beauty and lasting impact of young love".

But can the pair get through their issues together?

We're looking forward to finding out and getting stuck in on Friday when the film drops on the streaming platform.

It lands at 8am, but we'll have to wait until we get home from work to binge - dream Friday night of Netflix and chill.

But it's not the only new film on Netflix.

The film drops at 8am on 28th February on Netflix (

Earlier this week Every Time I Die landed on the platform, which coincidentally, is also about someone struggling to cope with the death of their sibling.

Sam's (Drew Fonteiro,) little sister drowned as a child - something he feels responsible for - and now he is plagued by flashbacks and is clearly psychologically troubled because of it.

But things turn weird when Sam is killed and he wakes back up in his friends' bodies to help save them from the same fate.

It's actually more of a supernatural thriller, rather than a straight up emotional drama - least it'll be a varied Friday night.

*Adds both to watch list instantly*

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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