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A Peaky Blinders Character Disappeared And Fans Have Only Just Realised

A Peaky Blinders Character Disappeared And Fans Have Only Just Realised

The fourth series of our beloved Peaky Blinders is in full swing, and we can't quite believe how far the Shelby family has come since series one.

Naturally, characters have come and gone, but fans have just noticed one character who seems to have completely disappeared.

Whatever happened to Ada's son, Karl?


Credit: BBC Two

Being a huge fan of the show myself, having watched it religiously from day one, I know for sure that Ada gave birth to her son, Karl, in the first series.

If you too have watched the show, you'll remember that she married the well-known communist Freddie Thorne, without consent from her family, and they went on to have a baby boy together, before Freddie was dramatically sent to prison during the birth scene, leaving poor Karl with no father.

It was all very tragic, but Ada seems to have battled through and seems to be doing well here in series 4.


However, there seems to be no sign of young Karl anywhere.

Call us wrong, perhaps he has appeared without us realising, but we're pretty certain there haven't been any sightings in this series.

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We can safely say that Ada has put up with a lot throughout all four instalments of the show.

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Her brothers are constantly up to no good, and naturally she gets sucked into their business every time.

Remember when Tommy showed up at her door to tell her he might not make it...


Credit: BBC Two

Surely her baby boy can't have disappeared on top of everything else?

Fans seem just as confused as we are, with one claiming he hadn't appeared on screen since series 3.

They wrote: "His last scene was at the Wedding in series 3. But he's basically disappeared now? Never thought about that!"


Another exclaimed: "Surely the writers haven't just forgotten about him? There's always a throwaway line at the very least."

While one said: "I was thinking this when S4 started, we saw Tommy's son and we see Arthur and Linda's son so I assumed that when Ada came back from America, we'd see Karl with her. It's a little strange that we haven't seen him in S4 yet."

One fan came up with a logical explanation, stating that Karl could be in America, while Ada visits her family in Birmingham, writing: "Presumably safe in America with family or friends. One hopes."

Who knows. Maybe he will re-enter the series soon, until then we will just have to wait and wonder.

Hope you're OK, Karl.

Featured Image Credit: BBC Two

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