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8 Important Life Lessons We Learned From 13 Reasons Why

8 Important Life Lessons We Learned From 13 Reasons Why

There was much to learn.



Netflix's original 13 Reasons Why has impacted it's viewers in deep and unforgettable ways.

The show is about a girl called Hannah Baker who commits suicide and records tapes to explain what exactly drove her to take her life. Clay, the main character, takes the viewers through each reason and learns many secrets along the way. It deals with issues such as suicide and bullying.

Credit: Netflix

So, if you haven't already watched it, we thoroughly recommend that you do because it has so many hidden and powerful lessons that everyone can relate to.

1. It Could Be Anyone

Even though it's set in a fictional high school, the series deals with issues all of us can relate to, including all the friendship fall-outs, bullying and isolation. Hannah Baker is a typical girl with an average life, which is why it hits home even more that this could be happening to anyone.

You never really know what's going on behind closed doors, even when people try to pretend everything is OK. A smile can mask so much pain.

2. Actions And Words Have Consequences

From knocked down 'stop' signs, to punches thrown, every single action in this series fits into a much bigger chain of events.

Like Justin and his friends soon find out, your actions have consequences, and you need to take responsibility for them.

3. The Truth Always Has Different Versions

Every story has its own perspective as we all react to situations differently. We hear the reasons in the series from Hannah's point of view, and while she wasn't lying, her perception of the facts and situations was different from the other characters in the show.

We definitely should never assume how a certain situation made someone else feel.

4. Words Have An Amazing Power To Build Or Destroy

It's difficult to know or understand exactly what impact your words have on someone else, so you shouldn't believe everything you hear. It's always safer to ignore a rumour than to continue spreading it because you never really know what's going on in that person's life.

5. It's Important To Talk About Your Problems

It's important to speak up if something has happened to you so it doesn't get out of control, like it did for Hannah. Speak to people close to you and that you know you can trust; it's important to get the advice and help you need.

Communication is key.

6. Suicide And Depression Affects So Many People

Hannah's final struggle was such a graphic scene that many viewers will never forget it. I don't know about you, but I felt myself nearly shouting at the screen so desperate for Hannah to know she wasn't alone.

Everyone in the show has been affected by Hannah's death in one way or another. From students she didn't speak to, to friends she didn't know she had, teachers, parents; the entire community mourns her loss.

7. Everyone Has Their Own Issues

Although Hannah is at the centre of the storyline, it's not just her life that's starting to unravel. Her story connects each individual character, and we learn of their backstories too. Justin doesn't really have a home to go to, Courtney is struggling to come to terms with her sexuality and Jessica has been told lie and after lie.

It just goes to show that no one's life is as perfect as it first appears.

8. Be Kind

You should always treat others with love and respect. If everyone had followed this golden rule, things could have been so different for every single character in this series.

13 Reasons Why has definitely been one of the most interesting and complex television series to hit Netflix over the past few months and we've enjoyed every moment of binge watching the series.

However, when we got to the end of the series it definitely left us wanting more. And there were so many different story arcs that the second series could pursue. A romcom between Clay and Skye, perhaps? Or a mystery with Tony? Or what about a courtroom drama with Hannah's parents?

There's a whole lot of scope for the story after Hannah and we'd be excited to see what they do with a second series.

Selena Gomez, one of the producers of the show has been sitting down with The Hollywood Reporter to promote it and revealed that she definitely thinks a second installment could be on the cards:

We don't know what is going to go beyond it, but we know there are so many stories that lie beneath each character. That's why it became a series in the first place. So we'll see.

And the star of the series, Katherine Langford, who played Hannah, has hinted that she'd be up for a return:

There's definitely more story to tell. It would be cool to continue the dialogue of this story. There are so many cliffhangers at the end of the season. At the end of the season, I had to sit back. I didn't think about what happens next. It's more of this feeling like, Oh my God, that's the story that needed to be told.

What were your opinions of the show? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Eve MacDonald

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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