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'50 First Dates' Fans Go Wild As Drew Barrymore And Adam Sandler Reunite After 16 Years

'50 First Dates' Fans Go Wild As Drew Barrymore And Adam Sandler Reunite After 16 Years

We've watched this around 100 times already.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have delighted fans by creating a 50 First Dates sketch.

Reuniting as their characters Lucy Whitmore and Henry Roth, Drew and Adam have created a hilarious reboot of what their latest date would look like, in the 2020 era.

You can watch it below:

In the clip just like in the movie, Lucy wakes up to husband Henry filling her in on what's been happening over the last 16 years.

From telling her all about Netflix, to the coronavirus pandemic and explaining why everyone is wearing a mask these days, the pair are then interrupted by Allen Covert, who played Tom (aka Ten Second Tom) in the movie.

"Hi Lucy, good morning, it's me, Henry. We are on I think about our 5,000th date together. It's been great, I'm gonna' catch you up," started Adam.

The pair reunited for a hilarious sketch (
The Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube)

"You have a thing called amnesia, I am your husband, we have a daughter, she's about 40 now or something like that. It's 2020, we're all still in the middle of a pandemic which is a terrible thing."

"Sounds kind of like you're making it up," said Drew.

In case you need a recap, 50 First Dates told the story of Lucy, an art teacher who suffered from short-term amnesia and forgot everything after going to sleep at night.

As a result of her memory loss, husband Henry does his best to win Lucy's heart each and every day, making her fall in love with him all over again.

In the reboot, Henry explains what's been happening over the last 16 years (
The Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube)

Drew and Adam have worked together on a number of movies, including The Wedding Singer in 1998 and Blended in 2014.

But in her memoir Wildflower, Drew explained she had to "beg, borrow, and steal" to meet Adam in person in the 90s.

"It was definitely not obvious we were supposed to fit as well as I believed because we looked like a preppy and a punk set up on a bad blind date," she wrote.

Drew and Adam in 1998 (

"But I shook his hand with fervor, thanked him for meeting me, and began to plead my case to him. I told him that, for whatever reason, I knew that we were supposed to become a team."

Aw, these two have to be our favourite on screen couple!

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