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You Can Now Get Cillian Murphy To Read You A Bedtime Story

You Can Now Get Cillian Murphy To Read You A Bedtime Story

If there’s anyone who can get us in the mood for bedtime, it’s a Peaky Blinder.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Having trouble sleeping? Let Cillian Murphy lull you to the land of nod.

The sultry-voiced Irish actor, 44, is the latest high-powered star to have joined sleep and meditation app Calm to help ease the anxieties of those struggling.

As well as relaxation and meditating techniques, the Calm app features Sleep Stories - with County Cork native Murphy reading the short story Crossing Ireland by Train for those in need of a bedtime tale.

The Irish actor tells a bedtime story based in his home country (
PA Images)

"In our newest Sleep Story, Cillian takes us on a magical train trip across the sweeping landscapes of Ireland," Calm informed its 2.1 Instagram followers, together with a snippet of Murphy's soothing tones.

The Peaky Blinders star introduces the story by softly informing the listener that they're about to "go on a trip" to his home country of Ireland.

"It isn't a very large place, in fact only about six and a half million people call this island home," he says.

The actor is reading for the Calm app (

"Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, as our story begins at the waterside railway station on the edge of the River Foyle in Northern Ireland."

Murphy is in good company on the Calm app, with A-Listers including former One Direction star Harry Styles, Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey and singer Kelly Rowland all recording their own Sleep Stories.

It may be quite some time until we are treated in seeing Cillian Murphy back on the small screen.

We won't see the Peaky Blinders back on screen for some time (

With filming on the sixth season of Peaky Blinders on hold due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, it is unlikely we'll get to see the next instalment of the much-loved (and feared) Shelby family, led by Murphy's Tommy, until 2021 at the very earliest.

However, we won't be disappointed when we do eventually return to the cobbled streets of Birmingham, with Emmett J Scanlan who plays Billy Grade in the gangster drama describing the scripts for season six as "so f*****g strong" in an interview with Digital Spy.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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