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Over 100 New Emojis Are Coming Including A Dodo And A Piñata

Over 100 New Emojis Are Coming Including A Dodo And A Piñata

We're seriously struggling to choose a favourite.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

We're about to be treated to over 100 new emojis, and we won't even need to use words once this lot hit our smartphones.

The new selection, announced by Unicode Consortium, features a whopping 117 emojis, including a transgender flag, 'feeding the baby', a dodo, blueberries and a mammoth.

There's also a 'smiling face with a tear' to use when you're feeling emotional, but for all the right reasons.

As well as a 'disguised face' and a pinched finger emoji - which is getting a *lot* of hype online already - there's also a stylish plotted pant and a mystical black cat emoji.

Speaking of fur babies, there's a huge selection of new animal emojis set for 2020. We're talking a polar bear, beaver and even a mammoth.

Other cute characters include a seal and there's also a collection of insects including cockroaches and a beetle.

The food emojis have also had a total makeover. Smartphone users now have blueberries, olives, flatbread and even a bubble tea emoji at the touch of a button - and we've got a feeling they're going to go down very well.

Other fun designs include a piñata, flip flops and even an accordion. Meanwhile, a Snow White-style mirror and a placard have also made the cut.

The new 'pinching fingers' emoji is going down well online (

Our already-existing emoji libraries are also having a revamp.

There's a gender-neutral Santa, as well as a variety of male, female and gender-neutral parents who can be seen holding a baby

Male, female and gender-neutral bride and groom emojis have also been introduced in a variety of skin tones and hair colours.

There's also a transgender flag (

Twitter users have been loving the new selection so far, with several commenting on the news.

One wrote: "I can foresee the youth of today misusing this perfectly respectable beaver emoji."

While another said: "There's a seal at last!!!

There are loads new animal emojis too (

One person was very happy about the tamale emoji, tweeting: "A tamale emoji?! I'm here for that!"

Unicode Consortium - who is responsible for choosing the emojis for Apple and Android devices - are yet to reveal when we can expect the emojis, but hopefully it will be soon.

We personally can't wait to test these bad boys out!

Featured Image Credit: Emojipedia

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