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'GMB' Debates Whether You Can Be Friends With Your Ex's New Partner

'GMB' Debates Whether You Can Be Friends With Your Ex's New Partner

"I think it's really exemplary and they're taking away shame in divorce."

Emma Rosemurgey

Emma Rosemurgey

Earlier this week, Derek Blasberg sent the world into a frenzy with a picture Chris Martin's ex wife Gwyneth Paltrow and his partner Dakota Johnson posing arm in arm, "consciously throupling."

The 'controversial' snap prompted Good Morning Britain to debate 'can you ever be friends with your ex's new partner?'

While former Celebrity Big Brother star Ashley James argued that however acrimonious a break up is, if there's children involved then everyone needs to remain civil for their sake. However, TV personality Lizzie Cundy said that if a body expert were to look at the picture of Gwyneth and Dakota, they'd say Dakota looks like a "scared rabbit," insisting it's all for show.

"I think they're a very high profile couple, and I think it's really exemplary and they're taking away shame in divorce, because a lot of people stay together in unhappy marriages together for the children, which I think is equally as damaging," Ashley argued.

However, Lizzie said that while everyone would like to put the children first, it's "real life" and it's "not always that easy."

A poll by Good Morning Britain found that 52 per cent (at the time of writing) of people said they could be friends with their ex's new partner, prompting debate among viewers on Twitter.

"Split up with ex when daughter was 9 months old and decided to put child first and have a great relationship with her stepmother which makes life so much easier," one viewer wrote. "Lucky to have her co-parenting daughter who is now 12 years old."

Another added: "My best friend married my ex they've been together over 24 years now, have 2 grown up girls. They all came to my daughters wedding. Life's to short to bear grudge."

However, another joked: "I couldn't be friends with my ex. Maybe friends with their partner just to warn her what's she's letting herself in for."

"I always put my children first and keep things civil with their dad, for their sake . But I certainly wouldn't be spending time out drinking with him or his partner. As for spending Christmas together ?... Erm that's a no from me," another viewer said.

Perhaps the trick to staying friends is to "consciously uncouple" rather than divorce... just a theory.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Derek Blasberg

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