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The Abuse That India Is Receiving Over Ovie Cheating Allegations Is Devastating To Watch

The Abuse That India Is Receiving Over Ovie Cheating Allegations Is Devastating To Watch

Why people still think it is OK to troll online is beyond us...

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Whether you put a foot wrong or not when you are a reality star, you are pretty much doomed to the same fate of trolling and the shock of suddenly being in the public eye.

Whether you are frank and upfront with your opinions (like my girl Olivia Attwood from Love Island) or a little more quiet and considered (think Camilla Hague), you are quite literally damned if you do and damned if you don't.


Name calling in any form is not OK, but when it takes a harsher more barbaric tone, it becomes even more hurtful and potentially harmful.

And for what? A bit of online validation? It's heartbreaking.

Molly Mae was the main target of this year's cruel online trolls, with Money Mae trending on Twitter despite her commitment to Tommy Fury throughout the show.

Now, trolls are seemingly bored with Molly and they have turned on India Reynolds.


Since rumours broke that India cheated on Ovie Soko with footballer Kieran Gibbs, the online bashing has been relentless.

She has however denied the claims.

India's rep told The Sun: "There is no truth in this whatsoever and Ovie and India are still very much together and happy."

The Love Island couple are firmly in the public eye but it absolutely does not give people the right to criticise India in such a disgusting and aggressive way over the rumour.

Even if she had cheated on the much-loved and undoubtedly most popular contestant (something she strongly denies), it is nobody's right to send her cruel comments.

Let's remember folks, it is a game show. And while we want to believe that all the contestants are going to walk off into their own happy ever after, that's not always how life works.

Yes, we might be personally invested in their love stories but at the hearts of every couple is simply two young people who are about to be thrust into the public eye the minute they leave the comfort of that Mallorcan villa.

Haven't we all been young and reckless and made mistakes? Why do we expect so much more of these people? Any time one of them makes, or is alleged to make, a misstep it seems there are a thousand people ready to criticise them with a level of vitriol that feels deeply unjust.

India Reynolds Instagram
India Reynolds Instagram

One Instagram user said: "She hasn't got no morals. She can smile and act sweet to Ovies face but behind his back she's telling her girls how she's in love with someone else and how she's only with Ovie for the show. She's just so devious and sly. I hope you're ready for the backlash when the news breaks nationally about you."Another said: "You didn't deserve Ovie!"

A third added: "You belong to the streets."

A fourth user added: "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? WHY INDIA??? F*ck u"[sic]

Lastly another said: "You're a washed up girl anyways king ovie deserves better then this $2.50 pornstart" [sic]

India Reynolds Instagram
India Reynolds Instagram

This woman is 24-years-old. Please let that sink in for a while. 24.

In the past few years, two contestants from Love Island have committed suicide, Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis.

Sophie was 32 at the time of death and Mike just 26.

While it is unfair to blame the show or fame wholly for the star's deaths, mental health is a very complex deep rooted issue, but thrusting these young people into the spotlight and the public eye could well have been a contributing factor


Comments are so easy to throw at stars now on Instagram and Twitter - it is easy to hide behind a screen.

Even some of the most popular contestants have struggled since appearing.

Love Island's Marcel Somerville who was already used to fame since being part of Blazin' Squad, was shocked by the level of public interest in his life.

He told MP's at a reality TV probe launch, that after leaving the villa, it "was the worst period of my life."


Media Psychologist Charlotte Armitage BSc PG Cert, MBPsS, PPABP said on the topic: "The problem with social media is that we don't have well established boundaries just yet, as it is such early days.

"People don't consider the ramifications of what they type because they cannot see how upset or hurt the person on the receiving end is, meaning they never feel guilty about what they have said.

"The impact depends on the person who is being trolled, how vulnerable they are and how able they are mentally to block the behaviour out and ignore the comments.

"For some, they will measure their self worth against other people's opinions and that's where the main problem lies, as they will then believe what is being said about them."

Psychologist Charlotte went on to discuss the problems with reality shows themselves: "I work with reality shows to ensure that contestants are fully prepared for what they are getting into and are mentally stable enough to join the show, however you can never fully predict how someone will deal with the pressure in the real world.

"Everyone I have worked with who has been on a reality show has struggled and hasn't realised how tough it would be afterwards.

"Love Island as a show is now one of the best programmes in terms of looking after its contestants and caring for them before, during and after the show.

"I am sure they will now step in and help India to deal with these comments and any other contestant who receives negativity online."

We hope that is what happens, because we are concerned that India currently has a huge target on her back and the impact this behaviour from strangers could have on her mental health.

Some Instagram users however have been quick to defend her, with one even pointing out that trolling leads to suicide.

India Reynolds Instagram
India Reynolds Instagram

They said: "Guys you need to calm down. This is why contestants kill themselves".

Another added: "I really can't believe that people are this cruel it's probably not even true and if it is it's none of your business and she certainly doesn't deserve this hate and like movie would ever look at any of you why he would want a low life troll hiding behind a screen!sh*t needs to be done about this behaviour[...]you should all be ashamed of yourself movie wouldn't want this this is heartbreaking to see!![...]"

At least some social media users have some sense, but we just hope it is enough to bring some peace of mind to India.

This heartless trolling has got to stop, before it is too late for yet another reality TV star.

Featured Image Credit: ITV2

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