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You Can Now Get A Downton Abbey Cluedo

You Can Now Get A Downton Abbey Cluedo

It's the ultimate Christmas present for the 'Downton' fan in your life.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Calling all Downton Abbey fans, we've got the ultimate Christmas board game for you - Downton themed Cluedo!

Yep, for all Downton enthusiasts, you can now buy the game over on Amazon, and it'd make the perfect pressie for a loved one, too.

'Downton' fans, this one's for you (

The iconic game has been given a Crawley family makeover, with the ultimate mystery to solve - who killed Thomas Barrow? And where did the dreaded deed take place?

Could it have been the drawing room? Or how about Lady Mary's bedroom?!

"The body of Under Butler Thomas Barrow has been discovered in the once tranquil grounds of Downton Abbey, by a gentleman walking his dog in the early hours," the description explains.

"Police on the scene will rule out no one as they try to piece together this gruesome murder, and bring the killer to justice. Thomas was not a popular man, making this case even harder to solve.

Who killed Thomas Barrow? And where did the dreaded deed take place? (

"The police have interrogated and identified a handful of suspects with strong motives to be rid of him, and have appealed to anyone that knows the staff or residents of the house to come forward with any clues as to who may have committed this terrible crime.

"A reward has been offered by Robert, the Earl of Grantham, but don't be fooled - the police have their eyes on him too."

Ooo, sounds very suspicious indeed.

The set includes six coloured figurines, six mini weapons, six suspect cards and six weapon cards.

As with normal Cluedo, the maximum number of players is six (perfect for the Covid era, right?!) and the game is priced at £39.99 with free delivery available.

The game is priced at £39.99 (

In other very exciting Downton news, it turns out we're getting a sequel to the movie.

A few weeks ago, Jim Carter (who plays Mr Carson) revealed there will be a second film - and he's even seen a script already!

Appearing on This Morning, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield asked Jim whether there were any plans for a reunion - and the actor certainly delivered when he revealed the best news ever.

Explaining the plan is to start filming next year (as long as the pandemic allows), Jim said: "Holly, if you promise not to tell anyone, I'll let you know that we've seen a script.

"The script for a second film is there. We've seen it... it's very funny. It's got all the same characters in, all the regular characters.

"I think the will is that - COVID-willing - we will film it next year. I don't know if I can trust Phillip to keep this secret. But Holly I know I can trust you."

Great news all round for Downton fans then!

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