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A £24million 'Game Of Thrones' Attraction Is Opening In The UK

A £24million 'Game Of Thrones' Attraction Is Opening In The UK

'GOT' is getting the 'Harry Potter' treatment.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Game of Thrones fans, this is major.

Last year, GOT devotees said goodbye to the smash hit HBO fantasy series after eight seasons, bereft at the thought of no more 'Thrones day' or weekly sightings of Jon Snow's luscious looks on our screens.

Well now, the incredible franchise is getting the Harry Potter treatment with an official Game of Thrones Studio Tour in the works.

Fans can visit King's Landing (

The upcoming UK attraction - reportedly costing a cool £24 million - has officially been give the green light by local authorities meaning construction can get underway pretty soon.

Located inside the Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge, in Northern Ireland, the studio tour will be able to stroll through replicas of the Seven Kingdoms with sets including Winterfell, the King's Landing Courtyard and Dragonstone Castle's Throne Room.

Visitors will be able to walk around perusing the real life costumes worn on the show (Daenerys' iconic winter slay outfit surely has to be included) and the weapons, too. That means you can probably expect to see Arya's actual Needle showcased.

Or browse costumes and weapons from the show (

The tour will even feature behind-the-scenes secrets and special effects used during filming, while guests will even get the chance to visit the makeups and prosthetics shop. Yes you just might be able to walk in as you and leave as a White Walker...

While there's no date for the opening just yet, artist impressions have given fans a teaser of what it's going to look like - and wow.

Speaking to Northern Ireland Screen last year, Linen Mill Studio managing director Andrew Webb said: "Linen Mill Studios is thrilled, in partnership with HBO, to have this opportunity to offer fans a unique insight into the making of the Game of Thrones series in the authentic setting of one of its foremost filming locations.

"We are committed to giving fans the opportunity to experience firsthand the most comprehensive selection of iconic elements from the show available anywhere in the world."


Jeff Peters, HBO vice president of licensing and retail, added: "It is our sincere pleasure to announce the first attraction from the Game of Thrones Legacy project in Northern Ireland.

"Some of the most iconic scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed at Linen Mill Studios and our fans will soon have an opportunity to visit and see the work of the show's incredible crew in the museum setting it deserves."

More updates as they come.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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